The World is Falling Apart

Listening to : David Usher - Devil by My Side

Yeah, that is what most people are talking about since the world took a downward spirally dip and behold! There were world wars, STDs, Gay porn, genocides, suicide bombing, sex change operation, Sept 11, child molesting and religions. Not sure if I should categorize religion and child molestation together because some twisted religions are more into the child’s hole than the soul. BUTT that isn’t the fucking point here. Is it? I am fucking here to write a fucking doomsayer’s blog post and not about how some religions just want to let the little children to CUMeth unto them.  

As I was saying that our world is falling apart and yes, it has been falling apart since a fucking long time and it has not stopped falling apart since. But today, you and I are all fucking standing on the threshold of “falling apart” and “fell apart”. In other words, if the later comes true, we are all fucked.

Is it me or has the whole World Wide Web gone so mellow about the end of the world situation lately. I mean a year ago, every fucking one is like making movies, TV series and even songs about how the fucking world would end this December. But now, all I can see, hear and read are about how awesome this coming X’mas is going to be. Or maybe many have chosen to have voluntary amnesia and completely overlook the fact that X’mas is only 4 days after the fucking world’s end.

Yeah, I know some of you are pissed at the Mayans for taking away, the one element of Life’s surprises - the fucking time of your death. But what can I say, either these motherfuckers knows their shit or they are just brain fucking us all.

To those high and mighty educated people who thinks they are so fucking smart yet needs to use their fucking smart phone like an extension of their limb to google or wiki shit that they claimed to already know. Google me this, are we all going to fucking die this fucking December?

And to those who worked 25 hours a day and 8 days a week just to have that huge ass bungalow with the white picket fences, a brand new shinny car that takes up two park spaces, 99” paper thing LED flat screen and a trophy wife that has big breast with the plastic surgeon’s signature handcrafted nipple on it. I can fucking sense that you are blocking and deleting all stuff relating to how this fucking world is going to end this December.

Either way, we might act and pretend that it is all a hoax and maybe it is really a fucking hoax but come the 11th hour, we will still be sweating bullets from our balls while our testicles feels like they are stuck in throat while we brace for what is next?

Or will there even be any next?