Happy New Year

Listening to : PJ Harvey - Missed

…they’ll say but what is so fucking special about it?

+1 to last year; it is nothing but a change of calendar on your wall which requires you to spare some couch time to do so; yeah, maybe this is the best time to write your landlord an out of date check for the rental hoping that he doesn't notice, but it will still come back and snap you in the ass.   

Why ever be happy and jolly?

When the gut hanging on your belly that you are trying desperately lose still mocks you every fucking time you look at the mirror.

You can fucking smile but that smile on your face still doesn't makes you any prettier on New Year’s Day.

Unlike Pinocchio, your girlfriend’s fake ass titties don’t turn real.

No your penis size doesn't grow according to its age in fact it is quite the opposite, the moment you took your hand and started milking your dick.

No, your outstanding bills don’t pay itself.

Your fucking credit cards do not get clean slate

Your job feels shittier than ever and you find yourself stranded in your 2x2 cubicle spacing out and yearning for those same fucking holidays you did last year.

And if the 1st of January falls on a Tuesday, congratulations, you just earned yourself two Monday blues in a week.

Fucking great start of the New Year huh?

New Year doesn’t make you more lovable and it doesn’t change the fact that your wife cheated on you with me. You can fucking argue that she is over me and yeah, I am over her too but not forgetting I was also inside her too.

And no, New Years doesn’t raise the dead.

What’s dead stays dead

I don’t blame you for drinking your way to the New Year because maybe a little temporary amnesia is what we all need but just remember when you wake up the next morning feeling like your head has just been hit by a jack hammer, all the yester-years’ shit still got you by the balls and it is just going to fucking get worse until you finally drown in that shit.


Happy 2013, here’s to another year filled with mixed baskets of Sandy disasters, trigger happy looney with a valid credit card on Amazon , sand niggers with C4 clipped to their balls, the tag team rapists express and a bigger butt hole as a result of the government’s constant ass fucking.