Eat And Be Merry

Malay Laksa, noodle serve with cucumber, bean sprout, chili paste and fish gravy which is made out of shit loads of fish, fresh coconut milk, belacan, assam and fresh onions.

Hooray for Puasa!!! It means Malay food can be bought 7 days a week for one whole month. While our Muslim friends fast during the day, we go about eating our usually meals. But when it comes for them to stop fasting & “ berbuka puasa”, we also busy body and “berbuka puasa” together. I am sure that a lot of us are eating more food than usual during your dinner time during this fasting period even though we are not fasting. What a great way to gain weight :P. I still remember when I was in Ipoh, I had a friend – Raymond - who is a Chinese-Indian mixed but he looks like Malay, and during fasting time, we like to have lunch at McDonalds which was across Super Kinta. Everyone will look at him one kind because they thought that he was Malay and was eating in the open during fasting period and it gets better when we started calling him Ramli instead Raymond. Wukakakaka. I know we were mean but it was fun. Anyway, to all Muslim friends out there, if I forgot to stop by to wish you “Selamat Berpuasa”, So “Selamat Berpuasa” to you if you are reading this.

This is Woa Woa teaching all you peeps how to eat a “Satay”

On the acoustic front, Ordinary World by Duran Duran. (I love both versions)

Original version

Acoustic version