A Moon Cake Tale

My pink paste with yoke moon cake, I think it contains dragon fruit, because I can taste its seed.

It’s Mid Autumn Festival and do you all know how did all started? How the moon cake shit got started? Well, I can tell you one thing, go look up for it in the Wikipedia or something because I am too lazy to tell you and I also don’t know. I think it has got to do with putting secret notes in moon cake for some lame ass revolution; I am not too keen to know what was the secret note was about but I am keen to know if anyone choke on the spike moon cake. Anyone who knows please share, now I am going to share another moon Cake tale which I don’t think you all heard of. As you all savor those moon cakes - yoke or no yoke, one yoke or double yoke, lotus paste, pandan paste, black bean paste or shit paste, assorted mixed nuts with babi “Pork” oil or without babi oil, there is so many flavor but the worst kind of moon cake I tasted this year was Ginseng White Bean - taste like SAI “shit, I rather eat tree root-, you may notice the crunchy thing inside the filling. The white color thingy, it is actually melon seed or sunflower seed or pumpkin seed. It is there to give a chewy and crunchy feel to the moon cake. I am sure all those who have tasted moon cakes have come across it. I was probing into the moon cake making industry on the source of how the “seeds” was obtained because it would need a lot of work to peel those seeds and to purchase a seed peeling machine would mean high cost and high overhead to maintain it and also Moon cakes are only made and sold once a year. So how do the bakers do it? Actually these moon cake bakers outsource the seed peeling to old folks home. They will bring the melon seeds, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds by the kilos to the old folk’s home and let the old folks there peel it and then pay them by how much they have peeled. The bakers will only accept the seeds which are perfectly peel, so if the seed gets broken, the old folk will just eat it themselves with no extra charge. It’s really a win –win situation. The Bakers gets their supply of seeds just in time for the moon cakes and the old folks get to earn some extra income. When asked one of the old folk who participated, what is the secret of peeling a perfect melon seed, he said that always make sure that your mouth is moist with saliva so that when you bite the shell it won’t break the seed inside.

Every fucking time around the fucking year, fuckers will bring their fucking kids to the fucking beach to made fucking sand castle and then lid the fucking thing with fucking candles. It was going to fucking rain around 5pm today, and I fucking thought that the whole fucking sandcastle thing off going to be off but it didn’t rain. So I took a quick peep around the fucking beach because I had to go for practice…

Fucking people flocking the fucking beach. No that is not the moon, it’s just a lamp.

This is the moon; got people play firecrackers some more. Jakun, don’t you know it is banned? There wasn’t much creativity this year. No one build any big monument, all they did was did a hole and light it with candles. Last year was good.

Here’s one lonely looking Chinese Moon Character

No one knows what the heck this was, maybe something abstract.

Everyone seems to be flocking and taking picture at this one, maybe it was the brightest of them all. And how original” Happy Birthday” to the moon (I guess).

8:15pm - I was here early, maybe the good ones hasn’t arrive yet, but I couldn’t stay long I had to go string up my guitar. This was how the beach look before I left, on my way back heaps of heavy traffic was incoming. I dare not wanna know how jam pack this place is going to be.

I hope you all enjoy your quality time together with your family or your friends on this special night. Just remember as you enjoy your moon cake, do think of the loving mouths that have been used to peel the seeds. Lots of loving and saliva has been put into it…