The Gruesome Chef

If you know me by person, you would have notice that each time when I am hosting a drinking session in my place, there would be some weird food sitting on the table next to the booze. Why? Because I like to experiment with food; should I say my friends are honored? I guess sometimes when the food turned out good ;p A friend asked me where do I get all these weird recipe from, I told them I made it up myself and some I stole from some recipe which I twist and turn a bit and made it my own. But where does all my inspiration for coming up with these food comes from? I would say three persons that I drew my inspiration from…

Armin Meiwes – Cannibal

You can read all about him here.

Why? Because of his passion and determination to taste something that is different, but he is pretty sick trying to chew off a guy’s penis. Don’t worry I am not going to turn into a cannibal; I am just admiring his passion.

Marquis de Sade – French Writer

The most infamous writer in the history of French literature, who occasionally has been hailed as "the freest spirit who has ever existed." Marquis de Sade published erotic writings, that gave rise to the term sadism - enjoyment of cruelty, which first made it into a dictionary in 1834. He is also known as the greatest sexual pervert. Famous writings includes 120 Days of Sodomy, The Misfortune of Virtue.

Why? For his creativeness in trying out new things and also being a libertine.

Marilyn Manson

I guess most of you would have known him by now. So there is no need to have an introduction on him.

Why? For making distasteful things tasteful again. I listen to Manson’s songs every time I cook ..YAY!

So there you have it, 3 influences on my cooking. So next I am going to share with you one of my friends favorite which they just couldn’t get enough :

Mango Shred Veggie Pizza

Things you need:

Unripe Mango shredded, Cherry tomatoes cut into half, fired anchovies, capsicum chopped, the best Nasi Lemak Sambal you can get your dirty hands on.

**For the dough, use whatever recipe you have to make the dough, it is a thin crust pizza, but to enhance the taste add beer instead of water to the flour to make the dough. Trust me it will taste really good.**

Get your dough ready and spread the sambal on the dough and arrange the other toppings on it . This is a non cheese pizza, so it will be great for those who are on diet.

Pop it in the oven for about 30 minutes on 200’ and it is ready to be served.

It has all kind of taste, and I just love having the cherry tomato burst inside my mouth and it goes so well with the anchovies and sambal. Eat up and drink up :D