Pay Per Post ist das Beste

The name suggests, you're being paid to post something up. Then of course, you have to post something relevant to you and the advertiser so that the advertiser is happy and willing to pay you for that. Yup, it's that simple. There's a list of opportunities for you to take up; by this I mean a list of stuffs for you to choose what to blog about. Different opportunities offer different amounts of reward. Choose one and they'll tell you what they want you to do. Not much rules involved actually. Pretty much like earning some pocket money while exercising your freedom of choice and freedom of speech. Just like what the blog ethics says: Be Honest with Yourself and Your Readers.

If you're like me, who is practically online most of the time, who owns a blog, and who blogs almost everyday, oh, just sign up for PPP. Make use of your blogging addiction. Sometimes you might run out of things to blog about. Instead of blogging about pre-menstrual syndrome like what I did, why not surf the list of opportunities, grab one and who knows you might be earning for tomorrow's Thornton icecream or more? But you gotta sign up for PayPal first if you don't have one because PPP pays you through PayPal. It's still a simple task you know... :P

So anyway, I signed up for PayPerPost. Some of you may have heard about it before or seen it around while surfing people's blogs. I know I have and that's how I came to know of it.

Of course, at PPP, they place emphasis on blog ethics and until today, I never knew such a phrase existed. I looked it up and it basically says the blogger has to blog truthfully and ethically with honesty and also declare that a particular post is sponsored (see the green thing down there?). This is so the readers don't get confused as to why their favourite blogger is suddenly advertising stuff out of context.

So, what's the difference with PPP and other similar websites? I don't know yet but I'm about to find out. Seems like they have a larger variety of topics to be written about and they're picked so that the posts you write about are relevant to your blog and its readership.

As usual with websites like these where you get paid to blog, the number of opportunities you are offered and the price of each post you are offered is proportional to how well-known your blog is. So if you have a high Google page-rank, you get more opportunities that have higher prices on them. So that's good.

Thank you..I’ll have my 20 buckaroos now, put that shit in my hands :P YAY!!!