Best Food Are Wrapped in Shit

Don’t judge how a food tastes by the look because if you do, you might lose out on something really awesome. Like this morning, my dad got me this awesome Nasi Lemak but just look at it. It doesn’t look like those where you get from the restaurant or 5 star hotel type but I tell you the taste is super. This is by far the best Nasi Lemak I ever had. The Sambal sauce and the curry gravy compliments each other and the fried anchovies are so fresh and they ever put bits of fried salted fish - really very nice. If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you would know that I don’t promote other people’s food except my own, but I just have to tell you how nice this Nasi Lemak is.

But I have one compliant, why is the Nasi Lemak wrapped with news paper?Does the smell of the newspaper compliment the smell of the Nasi Lemak??

Did you know about 75% people reads their newspaper in the toilet while taking a shit. This means that the smelly shit particle will travel through air and the newspaper (which is a good absorber) will absorb the shit particle. Thus food that has been wrapped by these newspapers has a 75% chance of being contaminated by the newspaper . If you have been to the old school wet market, you would have notice that they will wrapped the vegetable and meat with newspaper instead of using plastic bags to cut cost. That is why the goods are way cheaper , and all those CHAP FUN (mixed rice) hawker will go and get their ingredient from these old school wet market, and that is how you get your super nice mixed rice during lunch time.

I did a little survey on my own today to see that is the theory of people reading newspaper in the toilet is true of not. So I decided to SMS my two of my bitching buddies to check with them is they do bring newspaper in the toilet or not, this is their reply…

Pinksterz was cursing because the SMS reached her like 5 or 6 am in the morning …YAY

Evie didn’t bother to reply me till she was fully awaken from her hibernation

Anyway both of them don’t bring their newspaper in, but they bring other stuff in the toilet while they shit, that makes 3 of us including me who doesn’t read newspaper in the toilet, but we could be the minority 25%. We could all be eating shit infested food...

Okay, enough bitching about food wrapped shitty newspapers; I am looking with Sponge Bob’s series. I have all my series added into my iTunes (click to enlarge). If you want to exchange any series do let me know okie ..:P YAY

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