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----This a post made by guest blogger, 3POINT8----

This past 3 days, I've been exposed to more than 80 claims about a certain politic party in msia.
As you guys know, I love the number 3. And the 3rd alphabet in the roman system is C. C is the 1st alphabet for the word Chinese. That makes Chinese = no.1 [Oh, I heard that MCA have nukes. Don't mess with them]
Hmmm... with my one-sided preference on a certain politic party, I think I'll vote for someone whom I can relate to.

Oh well, since i'm being such a racist, a numberist and a bloggist, I should really cool my head and abstain my vote. Besides, I'm still stuck in Australia.
[I'll vote for the party who can sponsor my 3.8million flight back to msia!]

P.s: I'm a blogger. And People should really learn how not to sue a blogger.


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