Woot Election is NEAR!!!

FINALLY after we waited for so fucking long, WE finally able to vote again.

Though despite we all know BN would do any means to win the election, as usual, anything whether legal or illegal, it's just the power hungry government would do anything and i really fucking mean ANYTHING to win.

Well I shall keep this as short as possible as I'm going to write more in my blog about this. I can't have 2 same posts in different blogs now can I? You know what? Fuck IT....

I hate these fucking government who thinks they are the man in the show. Democratic country you said? FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKER! Where's our freedom of speech that you have revoked from us Pak Lah?! Where's the freedom of demonstration? YOU MIGHT AS WELL CHANGE THIS COUNTRY TO A REPUBLIC =.="

Oh well, enough emo and anger. wahahaha so who you gonna vote for?

The Choice is yours indeed but do help make a difference in our country. oh yea X have to come back to sunway to vote! wahahahahaha

For those who still don't know where you are going to vote, check out this site and enter your IC number to find out. SPR



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