12 days of mellon collie: why do you get all the love

*introduction of the 12 days of Mellon Collie is available at the xniquet-wiki, click on the above wiki logo link to go to the section, so that you might have a better understanding of what is happening here*

Lately I feel like a million miles, I keep watching all my cell mate march along like insect they seem to know where they belong. Euphoric smirk appears on their face as they crawl, hiding in the crowd I am all alone. No one heard a single word I said. The words other says don’t sound good inside my head. It seems like the past is here to stay. All the jagged edges now appears every where I lie, the colors of the rainbows seems to fade to black, the stars in the sky I see above my head is the 40v light bulb hanging over my head. Sometimes I get so lonely I would die. Where has all the love in the world gone to, there is definitely not a single drop here…


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