Ipoh girl in a push up bra falling off in Kuantan

Long ass fucking time ago, my mum and Miss Long Legs’ mum was best of buddies and today Miss Long Legs (which will hence forth be known as MLL) is staying at my house as a guest for two months because she will be doing her practical at a local hickass Polytechnic which was relatively near my house and her mum also wanted my mum to keep an eye on her daughter. When she first came here, to me she was just like a young Ipoh girl in a push up bra falling off in Kuantan to be trained as a teacher. Besides having quite good features, she has the longest legs I have ever seen, it seems that it would go on forever and it's smooth, not the average girl’s legs that just look smooth but feel like wood sandpaper. But it was slippery silk type of smooth. Don’t ask me how I know I, but when my dog Woa Woa try to hump her legs, she keeps slip sliding off her legs. If that isn’t smooth, tell me what it is. Anyway, she was the really Chinese kind of girl who only listens to lovey dovey Chinese songs and watch her idol infested Chinese/Korean serials, which leave not much of space for us to communicate. But after she was so kind to bring the cripple (me) out to watch Iron Man and endured the slowness of me getting in and out of the car. I really took the effort to get to know her and I glad I did because I found out that we do have something in common. She was a vain grooming freak, just like me but I have not reached the stage of freak but I do take my time in grooming myself. Anyway, she was the one who psycho me into buy Cellnique products which after I blow a load of money on it, I heard mixed review about it. But so far it has been doing well for me. And MLL gave me a sample bottle of SKII facial essence to help me get rid of my small scar on my forehead from the surfing accident. When I first apply it it felt like it was going to burn a hole through my face but as I went on, just in 3 days, I am beginning to see the result. The scar was becoming less visible. No wonder they call it miracle water. Besides that she also shared some skin care secrets which I think I should share it too for all those vain pot like me out there. In this damn age, a man has the right to have beautiful and healthy skin too right?


Drink a lot of water: Just by hydrating your body, you will notice quick improvements in the quality of your skin. Because the body uses water you drink first, if you're not getting enough, the skin may not ever get any extra. By increasing your water intake to at least 8-10 glasses each day, you'll notice your skin become more plump, supple, healthy and young looking.

Green Smoothies: Green smoothies are amazing skin food. Green smoothies come loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and other micro-nutrients that your skin requires to be healthy and look young.

Eat Yoghurt: Yogurt is the only dairy product that is good for your skin. During the fermentation process the probiotic bacteria make it easily digestible. The probiotic bacteria in yogurt are also very important for healthy, radiant skin because they improve the immune system and kill bacteria that cause acne and other skin problems.

Eat Fruits for Breakfast: Did you know that while you sleep your body is detoxifying and cleansing out the waste material from previous day? This is very important for healthy skin as these toxins and waste material can cause acne and other skin problems.


Two liters of water a day should be drunk this helps keep the skin hydrated and flush away toxins from the body

Eat vegetables & Fruit

Eat 2 – 3 portions of vegetables for lots of nutrients for the skin,

The best ones are below, but really any vegetable or fruit is good and in terms of vegetables try and eat them raw if you can.

Sweet potatoes tomatoes and spinach.


Cleansing: Your skin requires proper cleansing to keep it properly toned and clean. Cleansing removes the dust and stress from your face by cleaning the pores and circulating the blood supply. Use a gentle cleansing agent. Face washes are specially prepared to be effective at cleansing your skin gently and tenderly. For your body use a good mild and moisturizing soap.

Moisturizing: It is essential to use good moisturizers since the UV rays and pollution dries your skin thoroughly and makes it lifeless. There is a range of moisturizers available in the market to suit your skin type but what is important here is to pick the right one with the right components in it.

Sunscreens: With the rise in pollution level and the intensity of the ultraviolet rays it is very essential to use sunscreens during daytime to protect your skin form any kind of damage and premature wrinkles even if you are at home because these rays come in through the windows and there is no running away from it.

Here i would like to thank Lisa nice apple cider vinegar and Gary for the medicine for rubbing on my legs. I really appreciate it . You all shouldn't have but it would be nice if you all could bring me some Pepsi because i am out of stock and Pepsi has been a banned substance here in my house, how sad. At the mean time i am trying to train woa woa to walk out and get me a bottle of Pepsi from the 7-11 in front of my house.

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