the malaysian government totally sucks

Just a week or so when a friend told me that the petrol in Indonesia was raised by 30%, I was really mean and laugh at them, but karma sure has its way around and it always comes back at you in bigger and better ways. Just yesterday, when I heard my dad ranting to my mum about how fucked up our government is, (alright I have to admit I am a bit away from the outside world these few days, because I was still too busy playing all the games MLL got for me), I only found out that our fucking government whom we fucking love to hate so much has raised the petrol price by 40 fucking percent. What's the deal bitch? What the fuck is going on with Butt-dawi©? I know the price of oil has risen around the world and there was speculation going on that they weren’t going to be any raise on the price till August. But this is way before its fucking time; it is almost like being a whore who gets pump by the government on a regular basis but this time they are reaching for the ass. What a bunch of fucking liars, they should have given the people some time to adjust and let them braced themselves before getting stab in the ass. Alright I am pissed with the hike but not as pissed as I am with the government for not announcing it properly. Unlike Indonesia, their government made the announcement at 12am on the eve of the petrol hike, so that people there have enough time and don’t have to line up like stupid asses in front of the petrol station to fill their tank. What the fuck is our fucking government doing? And they want law and order, peace and stability. Well, I got news for you; my ass has more law and order, peace and stability. You see the difference between my ass and our country is that my ass controls the shit but our country is control by shit. I had to be stuck in a fucking cue to get petrol and miss out some of my favorite TV shows. So don’t go talking about law and order, peace and stability in your next campaign speech because the people now know that it is all bullshit and we won’t get fool again. Just look at the chaos the government have created yesterday. I know we are living in the end times as the Christian calls it, where there are outbreaks of war, famine, natural disasters, economy crisis, disease and plagues… there have all came true, and so I guess the bible is right after all about the apocalypse but the thing they miss out is about idiotic governments who just doesn’t know who to fucking do a proper announcement and how the fuck they are going to run a country? I know I can’t blame anyone for the rise in petrol prices but I would just love to blame the government for making me wait at the petrol station. Fuck it, the next time I am voting, I am going to put a big “X” wherever and whoever isn’t the current government now… anyway, if y’all are going to stage a protest today, I think this have come a bit late. But maybe you can still make it. The information is here.

If you are going to protest, do it properly, please do not hurl stones and vandalized public property, and hell no to Molotov cocktail ok? Since petrol is expensive now, why not hurl rotten eggs at the police instead. Stick and stones may not do that much of damage to them, but rotten eggs will definitely make them gross out and smell like hell. So here I include some simple steps in making rotten eggs for your demonstration rally. Let the eggs sit in a warm place for about a week. Now you've got some rotten eggs that will only smell when you break them. But if you are in a hurry for a rally, the best thing is try soaking them in vinegar, and leaving them in the sun. not too sure if this will work but it is worth the try if you plan to get rotten eggs faster. Now for the rotten egg test? Get an egg, and place it in a bowl of water. If the egg sinks, it’s fresh. If the egg floats, it might be rotten. This happens because every egg has an air space that gets larger as the bacteria in the egg produce more hydrogen sulphide gas. To make your protest a bit fun have all your protestors keep a score card and keep score on how many police of Federal Reserve Units have they egg. Hitting their shield doesn’t count. In the end, the person with the highest score will win a 3 days 2 night trip to Genting Theme Park. To those who is going to the rally, enjoy yourself , when you are done, go home and have some cake. Then again, do bring the cake along, who knows you might have to eat it in jail...

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