we are all going to hell and we are loving it...

Like most nights before I head to bed, I was having my usual quasi-erotic text messaging session with my midnight text messaging partner, but on this night, after receiving a somewhat erotic text message from me, she suddenly dropped the bomb on me and the last line made the wheels of my mind to start turning and it got me thinking… Sometimes I rather don’t want to know about the horrors that go on around this world. But I can’t pretend it isn’t there, as I watch the world explodes, we all automatically pull into it-directly or indirectly; we can’t be safe anywhere anymore. People around me tend to turn to faith but I don’t want to know who walked on water, but I rather find out who design this disgusting arrangement of time and the end because everybody ends up in boxes and a name on a stone is all you get in the end. Home will bring a new meaning because it is not a safe place anymore unless of course your home is in outer space and far far away from this world. I didn’t mean to be so negative but as you see dead corpses and faces of crying women and children on the TV, you just can’t help to think what if those faces are one of your love ones? And what about your insides - How many times have you been pushed around? Is anybody there? Does anybody care? How many times have your friends let you down? Does anybody bother? Did anybody stare? How many times have did your lover break you down? Is there any love around? Is there any trust around? How many times has your faith slipped away? Does anybody pray? Does anybody think they’re safe? How many days have you just drink your sorrow away? Is everybody high? Is everyone afraid? How many times have they wished you were stronger? But have they ever seen your heart? Have they ever seen your pain? This story of our lives: We get high, we get lost. We get drowned by the co$t. Twice a day; every week; and all of days of our lives…

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Frankly, I didn’t know what to reply to her message to comfort her, because by saying everything will be alright is downright as fake as a cake, because you and I know it isn’t. Let’s face it, one day our inside or outside is going to kill us and the only uncertainty is which of it will kill us first and how. Unless you wanna commit suicide, this way you can choose which way you wanna die. [For death tutorial click here] One thing for sure, you don’t need a calculator, you need not be a mathematician, you don’t need a super computer to compute and you don’t have to use your crystal balls – As long as you are still here, Life is waiting for you, I know it is all messed up but you know you are alive and you will find a way to survive it because we are human beings.


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