my fetish for killing evil chickens


You know having MLL around isn’t that bad, besides being my movie buddy, soup provider and occasionally dog sitter, she is also my game provided, which is has its good side and bad side. The good side is I am never bored because I am lavished with new games every time, the bad side is she likes to compete and I am a hard on very competitive person which results in endless night of coffee and Pepsi in order to stay awake and smash each other’s record and the latest craze is Chicken Invaders 2.

If you like KFC, chickens and aliens, this is the game to play and it doesn’t require brains and it is perfect for people who don’t know how to play Sudoku. All you need is the knowledge to move the mouse and click it. This game reminds me of the old ATARI Space Invaders where I had to wrestle my sister to play when I was young. But instead of shooting down aliens you are shooting down chickens and it is not as monotonous as the old invaders because it has different kind of chicken unit and the bosses are pretty wicked too. Come to think of it it also reminds me of the classic arcade game Raiden which I used to slot in some much tokens to play. The invading chickens come in wave and I am currently at wave 87 and currently on top of my highest score board followed by MLL who is at wave 82. That is why I have been working so hard last few days. Anyway, if you would like to play this game, i have placed a link below so that you can download it and start killing chickens too. It is approximately 8MB. Enjoy the chicken-cide.

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