mind reading: how to find out if your boyfriend is lying his ass off

The incident of married women having extramarital sex is 25 percent, and the estimate of single women who have cheated on their partner is even higher. Statistically, both the gender are equally cheaters when it comes to being faithful but why do men always gets to be label as the unfaithful gender instead of the women. Mainly it is because man tends to be bad liars and if you know how to read his gesture, you will be able to know whether he is lying his pants off. So here are some give away and indicator that he is lying his ass off. A good liar should take note of these, so that the next time your better half try to slip into your mind and find out what is it that you did, you are able to block her out.

Rank required: Master Manipulator

The position of the jaw
If he juts his chin out into the faces of the people asking questions, or if he pulls his chin in—as if he’s holding a can of Coca-Cola under it—both of those are signs of either withholding or over-aggressiveness. The jaw-in basically is cowering. It is trying to hide.

The gesture of the hands
The same thing is rubbing of the nose or touching of the lip. All those are unconscious positions of hiding their words. The practiced liar will try to control gestures; the movements were rarely in sync with his words.

The spoken words
When a person is lying, he pauses longer in the middle of sentences, provides shorter answers, and takes longer to begin his response than someone who's merely nervous. After all, he needs time to create the lie.

The changes in expression
Watch him when he’s answering straightforward questions (name, team, etc.). So you have a point of reference to when he responds to things that are really freaking him out when you ask him did he go to the papaya farm or whorehouse.

The lips
Look for unusual movement of the mouth, lips, or tongue. Tight lips indicate a person may be hiding the truth. Also, when a person gets nervous, his mouth becomes dry, so he licks his lips and swallows.

The smile
A real smile changes the entire face, the eyes light up. The forehead wrinkles, the eyebrows and cheek muscles raise, the skin around the eyes and mouth crinkles. And, finally, the mouth turns up. It's slow to appear and disappear. In a masking smile, nothing moves but the corners of the mouth, and often they curve down. It is quick to appear and vanishes just as fast.

The eyes
People tend to look up to the right to visualize or invent a response, and down to the right to invent sounds. We recall truth by looking up or down to the left.

I hope this might be of some help for those who wants to find out if your better half is lying or not and also to those who wants to lie. Happy lying!!!

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