learning the Jedi mind trick

Welcome to xniquet's school of mind tricks

I am going to introduce a couple of mind tricks, so that you can learn how to read and figure out a person. It is nothing supernatural but it is just plan bending the rules. To kick start, here’s a series of wicked and brutal mind trick for you to play on your friends

First one if trying to figure out how much your friend or co-worker is earning per annum

I am sure if you just ask them straight, they would just ask you to go fly a kite and go mind your own business. But if curiosity is your middle name and your ass is just itchy to know how fucking much they are making a year, trick them into participating in a calculation to determine how much should be making for their age. i) Ask them to take the first digit of their annual salary, multiply it by five. ii) Add seven and double the result, iii) and then add the second digit of their annual salary. Ask him or she for the result, it should be a 2 or 3 digit number. Next tell him to subtract his or her age to find out how much more he should be making, in thousands. Meanwhile in your head, iv) subtract 14 from the original result that was given and you will end up with the first 2 numbers of the annual salary.


Let’s say x makes 24,000 per annum

i) 2 x 5 = 10

ii) 10 + 7 = 17 then 17 x2 = 34

iii) 34 + 4 (second digit of the annual salary)= 38

iv) 38 – 14 = 24

Answer: first two digit of his/her annual income is 24

The only guessing part is whether he is making 24,000 or 240,000 which is relatively easy to guess judging by the car or watch or hand bag he or she is carrying, I bet you are able to guess it without breaking a sweat.

Here's a bonus, how to guess a girl’s age when she doesn’t want to reveal it

Tell her you are going to calculate the maximum amount of calories she should be burning every month to stay fit. Then just get her to punch her age in a calculator and then multiply it by 7 and then multiply it by 1443 and then give you the number. Her age will be repeated 3 time in the result.

If she is 25 years of age

25 x 7 = 175

175 x 1443 = 252525

what your mind says?
upon completion the above exercise, you will be promoted to "Trickster Padawan"


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