mind trick: if you can’t change her, trick her or manipulate her...

Its Thursday night and it is movie night for the both of you, and you sure hell don’t want to be drag to some latest tearjerker, lovey-dovey chic flick but you know you may not be able to alter her annoying personality traits. The good news is here at x’s school of mind tricks, you are still able to get your way in life’s little decisions and it is recorded in the below simple yet selfish tricks. If you can’t change her, trick her and manipulate her…

Rank required: Prize Liar

Number one: Narrow her choices
Don’t say, ”what movie do you want to see tonight?” Instead ask her, “Would you rather see Indiana Jones or Iron Man?”If you avoid extensive deliberation up front, she’ll be less likely to reconsider the decision later.

Number two: Provide added value
“Hey Iron Man is showing at the new cinema, I heard the seats are really comfortable compared to the other cinemas, and we can get good seats. “ She will hears it as it is clean and she doesn’t have to strain her neck seating in the front row. Likewise if you want KFC instead of sushi, “We don’t get protein in our diet and carbohydrate is gonna make me gain weight. Besides, we are always hungry again after 2 hours after we eat sushi.”

Number three: Stroke her ego
Once she is on board with your idea, make her think that it was hers. “Mmm the popcorn is superb. Great choice on picking out the cinema and show.”

Number four: Sprinkle on complexity
Human naturally wants to do things that require the fewest steps. So to seal the deal say” Since we are going to that new cinema, the dry cleaner is nearby, we can send our clothes there. And then we can just swing by the KFC which is just around the corner for dinner. “

So that you have it, simple yet effective steps to have things your way; practice your way around sticky situation well and when you master the above…

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