With all angry mobs turning against her, I am surprise that there isn’t any “Leave Dawn Alone” video being made by her fan or pseudo-fans (what the fuck are her agent or publicist thinking? Quick she needs some damage control here, look at what Britney’s publicist done for her. If you are planning of cutting cost maybe you can use back Chris Crocker’s video and dubbed it with another audio to make it Dawn’s). The fact of the matter is this whole thing is just a bunch of sour grapes trying to get people’s attention, and they church it up by blaming on Plagiarism. So what if she did plagiarize? Like it even matters, unless of course someone forces you to read what she writes or in this case what other writes which in turn was deemed to be written by her. As a big fan of Dawn Yang, I go in her blog from time to time but never read a single word, I just skip the ones with lotsa of words and stick to the pictures of her. Come on, you got to be kidding me right? Guys go in to her blog isn’t there to read what she wrote but to see her hot pictures, so does plagiarizing other people quotes or writing really matters? I guess not. So to those who still want to preach about it, let me tell you this. You are preaching to the wrong choir, because, as long as there are hot and sexy pictures of her posted on her blog, there would be flock of horny guys like me drooling all over the monitor. I know it is depressing for those traffic hunger mongers but still ain’t getting anywhere bloggers who really knows how to write a good and original post but looks butt ugly which no amount of plastic surgery can help. All I can say is better luck in your next life. As for people like me - butt ugly and doesn’t know how to write, I can only come up with a suggestion to Dawn’s KissBangClap this:

Since no one is reading it why don’t they turned it into something like icanhascheeseburger.com and instead of having lolz cats, we are going to have a whole new range of lolz dawns, which is pleasant to the eyes and easy on the brain. Or better yet combine both the 2 sites into like icanhasfakeboobies.com or something like that, it will save me a lot of surfing time you know....

PS: I am not writing because i want to voice out my opinion about the whole thing, to be honest i wouldn't give a rat ass on what is happened in the blogsphere but since yesterday Cheeseburger Pink (not to be confused with cheeseburger eddy) asked me to enlighten her on the difference between blogging about someone and talking bad about someone, so this is it.