Tell Me Your Secrets and I will Tell You Mine

Tell me your secrets and I will match every last drop of secrets posted here with my own. I don't care how fucked up it is because I would only match it with an equally fuck up scandal/secret of mine that has been keep inside my closet for far too long. You don't have to tell me who you are but if you do, it would make it easier for me to understand and relate to you.

Tell me what you are inside and I will open up myself to let you have a tour inside;

Tell me who is it that you secretly love and I will tell you who I have a crush on and head over heels for this time;

Tell me of your infidelity and I will share with you my unfaithfulness;

Tell me whose face do you wanna break and I will tell you who is it that I wanna kill;

Tell me who it is that you despise and I will make known to you the reason why I hate her;

Tell me when was it the last time you cried and I will tell you the reason why I have these tears in my eyes;

Tell me even if it is a secret fantasy and I will show you my vault of secret dreams;

Tell me about your white lies and I will show you my fork tongue;

Tell me your weird habits and I will show how grotesques am I;

Tell me how low you can get and I will jump down to be where you are at;

Tell me your fears and I will tell you what makes me a scared little girl;

So let's do this a little differently, go ahead and tell me one of your sexual secrets or fantasy or any damn thing you want and I will spare you no details in exposing mine.

The offer is opened to anyone

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