Is it alright to dip your dick in your close friend's pussy?

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Faith - George Michael

To say that Jane and I are two of a kind would be an understatement; we were like Chinese food and chocolate pudding or Cocaine and waffles or peanut butter and ladies. She was a vegetarian while I like my steak bloody in the middle; she was an atheist while I fucking blame God for my lame existence; she was the intellectual, be safe or sorry type while I was the dumb and reckless son of a bitch who does crazy things to have fun. Yet we fucking manage to strike an accord right in the middle and co-exist in a symbiosis manner. It could be my fucked up peculiar personality that captivated her or it could be her brain wrapped in all that smartness and sexiness that gave me an intellectual hard on. Maybe it could be my absurd ideas and persuasiveness together with her open-heartedness and willingness to explore that somehow blends us together and making it felt so right.

Or it could be my witty answers to all our pointless disagreements:

*xniquet looks up to Cal Naughton, Jr. that is why he likes to party*

They say sometimes shit happens, but in my case shit always seems to follow me around. Since Jane had her say on going fishing the last week, it was my turn to bring her for a midnight surf which turn out to be a big fucking mistake because the water was fucking freezing. She was smart not to go in any further right after her ankle felt the cold numbness of the sea but I was my usual self - a show off and a jackass. I dive right in and I came out shivering my ass off and with my dick shrinking to the size of a new born infant, all the fucking blankets in the world would never revive my body heat and return my penis to its original state. (Oh my fucking lord, I should have worn shorts instead of my wet suit, now Jane is going to see how damn petite my unit can get when it gets chilly)

So in the mist of my violent shivering, Jane decided to come over and give me some of her body warmth. It started with a hug, then my lips just sort of got stuck on hers and we started kissing and it went up a notch when I gave her a 30 second Frenchy. Then she stopped to take a deep breath before she shoved her tongue all the way down my throat for another 30 seconds . My hands just sorta moved itself as it reaches for her tits. I mean of course when a guy make out with a girl, their hands will automatically go for a feelski; its fucking normal, right?

Before we knew what was going on, my hands was already underneath her clothes , unhooking her bra (yes I am that good in unhooking bras, back openers only, I suck at front openers) and my mouth and tongue was no longer massaging her tongue but was behind, over and back, all over her neck and ear lobes. As the night draws to an end, it happened and both our hands and feet got scratched. You see I have done it dozens of times (maybe not dozens but a few times), it is completely normal to get scratches on your hands and feet while you fuck at the beach because the sand here isn't as soft as they use to fucking be.

It was an ultra funky weird morning; we came here as friends but woke up like two lovers lying on the beach sharing a blanket. Deep down we both know (I think) that what fucking went down last night was just our lust; there wasn't a single drop of love between us; it just like two animal getting it on, feeding and quenching each other's sex thirst. Yes, I do love her, like I love my guy buddies but none of that lovey dovey romantic bullshit. That was no way the act of fucking is going to blur out the line between friends and lovers for us (I hope).

It is funny because I always treat my male and female friends the same, in the sense that I wouldn't go outta my way to show more flair or sophistication or give any special treatment to my female friends just because they got bigger and prettier tits than my male friends. I treat them the fucking same - just like crap. That is why the thought of what I have just done - dipping my dick into my friend's pussy felt almost like stabbing a guy's anus. I don't know about you but it really feels fucking weird to fuck someone who you just wanna be friends with. It almost felt gay and all that gayness has left my head twisted up feeling like a pretzel. Fuck that, I have pretzel in my head.

You know I never liked Malaysian made cars and shit, but somehow I always find myself in them.