My Morbid Tale

In my iPod: Breakdown - Seether [download]
State of mind: Sick
Location: Bed

When sex and drugs not longer gives you solace, you fucking know it is time for you to up the dosage of what you have been prescribed and take in something that does more damage. As for the later, my painkillers has not been doing its job but thanks to Tzyy Ling, I no longer find myself a Vioxx junkie but I am a revived and born again Celecoxib evangelist. And so now I am able to get the much needed sleep and rest that I have been deprive of.

Feeling less sullen and more sober, I am able to get a little work done on this fucking blog. The theme “Morbid Tales of Romantic Cruci-fiction” is actually the corrupted and twisted thoughts that revolves in my head, spiced up with a dash of cold blunt reality and is served in the most nefarious way. Don’t you sometimes marvel at your thoughts? When they wander into that dark corners of your head and it conjures up a sick and repugnant thought or image? For example while fucking someone, you suddenly visualizing yourself biting off her nipples, spit it into her mouth and make her swallow it. Maybe some of you don’t share the same violence but I know some of you did hide the fact that you got aroused and even erected when you saw that hot transvestite walking by you, I know I did.

Too many times, being shackled by the chains of sanity, we tend to push it away and permanently deleted it from our head, but some of us don’t. If being vocal about it would label me a degenerate or even a lunatic, so be it. This isn’t a fucking popularity contest; unlike senile teenage bloggers who just couldn’t get enough of showing pictures or preaching about how hip and cool they are, this is the exact opposite. I am on a fucking mission to show you what a sick motherfucker I am and in the end you can (in the words of my favorite South Africa Band Seether) FMLYHM -“Fuck Me Like You Hate Me”.

This blog is not fully remolded yet, but changes will slowly take place. I apologize again to those who find it hard to navigate around this blog because once again you would have to adapt to the new changes. Succumbed to the vertigo caused by my stitched up busted chin, I would like to take a rain check on whatever thoughts that I want to blog down right now.

But for now, there couldn’t better day to usher you into a new era of this blog than a Friday the 13th.