I wanna be an All American Psycho

In my iPod: Climbing Up That Wall - Chris Cornell
State of mind: Homicidal
Location: Office

The How to be an American Psycho Check list:

1. Tell people that you hate you are going to kill them and play with their blood when they are not listening;

2. Be extremely narcissistic and completely vain, wear only white underwear when you are in your house and use like a hundred types of shampoo and skin products every morning after your vigorous workout;

3. Sleep with your colleague’s wife just because he is such a dork;

4. Tell your friends over dinner how you wanna change the world by feeding the homeless and then go out to a back alley find some homeless bum and then stab him and kick his dog to death;

5. Watch porn all day long;

6. Seduce your colleague’s fiancĂ© by telling her you are bring her to the best restaurant in town but then drug her and bring her to a crappy one;

7. Kill someone because his name card is better looking than yours;

8. Let your victim listen to your favorite CD and then tell them loads of crappy fact about the song to divert their attention before you kill them;

9. Invite your victim to your house and lay lots of magazine where he is sitting, play some music, ;wear a raincoat and bury an axe on his face, the raincoat is so you don’t ruin your suit;

10. Go to office do nothing but watch porn magazine and listen to music all day;

11. Hire 2 hookers to have threesome and ask hooker to wash their vagina in front of you before you have sex with them;

12. Film yourself having sex with two hookers but focus on yourself flexing your muscle instead of the ladies who are getting fucked;

13. Use metal clothes hangers on whores;

14. Strangle someone in the bath room because their name card is better looking than yours;

15. Sniff cocaine in a wash room inside a club;

16. Cut a fucking model’s head off and then put it in your fridge next to the sorbet;

17. Invite your ex girlfriend to your apartment, then get a hooker to act as your cousin from France. Put drug in their wine and then get them to engage in lesbian sex;

18. Listen and enjoy Whitney Houston’s debut CD;

19. Bite a chunk of flesh from your ex girlfriend’s pussy while eating it;

20. Hang dead bodies wrapped in plastic inside your closet using hangers;

21. Practice running around naked with a chainsaw just in case you need to chase down the fucking whore who is trying to get away;

22. Try to shove a stray kitten into a cash deposit machine, if you can’t, shoot it, if there is someone who tries to stop you from doing it, shoot them;

23. Shoot everyone while trying to get away; and

24. Phone your lawyer, confess everything and then get away with all the murder that you have committed.

Things that I might be able to do:
1. Everyone can do this, it's call bitching.
2. I have been doing this for a long time.
3. Hard one because I haven’t found a dork that has a fuckable wife.
5. Done this.
6. This I might be able to pull off if only… (See number 3)
10. Been there, done that.
11. How come I never thought of this?
12. I am vain but not that vain.
13. If only I know what to do with the metal clothes hanger.
15. Been there, done that too.
17. I love this one.
18. I am sick but not that sick okie?

Killing cute and cuddlely animals is just too much for me, I rather kill a homeless bum or a person who has a better looking name card than mine; as for the rest maybe I will put it in my KIV tray, maybe one day when I finally snap and go loco, I will do it and then blog about it like a true blogger/psycho.

Straight from the box: we started abusing this piece of tech by having a die hard Marathon

Anyway I am glad that Jane bought me the American Psycho Blu-ray disc, it is totally awesome. Actually this little gift is to celebrate my newly acquired piece of technology that will usher me into the fucking world of Blu-ray technology. Bloody fucking hell, once again I fall victim to the persuasion of adverts to get shit that I don't really need. First it was the HD DVD player and now a Blu-ray Disc player. Anyway, seeing that I have zero Blu-ray discs on my shelf, Jane was sweet enough to get me my first. But I was thinking more towards having a really high definition porn disc as my first but I think Jane knows me well enough, that is why she got my this highly rated as sick, twisted and morbid movie as my first Blu-ray disc. Even though some of you don't share the same love for this kind of movie like I do but with Blu-ray technology, I know girls who dig Christian Bale is going to love this movie because you can even see Christian Bale's butt and even his pubic hair in high definition.