So Sleeping with Your Close Friend isn't a Taboo Afterall

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Even though I have seen this show a dozen times but it still cracks me up every time Bruce Willis says that line. If there is any show that could teach you to be a pro in whipping out profanity like no fucking one's business, it must be the Die Hard Series. But it just puzzled me why do girls find it offensive when the guy falls asleep during all the crying, lovey dovey whining crap scene and it is totally justifiable for them to yawn multiple times when shit gets blown up, motherfuckers gets capped and blood gets spilled everywhere. Fucking unfair! I guess things were getting back to normal now because it wasn't about 8 hours ago...

[8 fucking hours ago]

As I open the gates to greet Jane and her basket of goodies filled with ration that we are going munch on during our movie marathon, I suddenly froze. I suddenly became dumb, not only I didn't know what the fuck to say; I was practically fucking petrified and didn't know what to do next. But thanks to my dog woawoa who was jumping and circling around Jane, wagging her tail violently and eyeing on her basket, it took the pressure off me. I did foresee that it was going to be supra awkward but not this bad.

[8 hours later]

When the credits rolled for Die Hard 4.0, I felt like an idiot feeling what I felt just know. There wasn't anything wrong with us, I was the fucking idiot who let my emotion took the best of me and thought that she would mind after what we fucking did the last time we met. Now I know Jane wouldn't mind even if the issue was never ever being brought up. Things felt like it used to be minus the fucking that we did at the beach last December. So we were tight again and insults started to fly around again, now who the fuck said that you can't fuck your best friend?

It was almost 4am, she looked tired and it was thundering outside; it was going to fucking rain very soon. So I asked Jane to spend a night here and leave tomorrow morning after I fix her breakfast.

That was not her exact words but was exactly the meaning of the words that came outta her mouth. I froze again but I knew I had to say something if I wanted to save this friendship. So I gathered the shards of my balls and told her that I didn't mean for it to happen then but it did. And all I wanted to do is be her friend and not lose her. I don't have many friends who I can relate to these days and losing her will be like a huge kick in the nuts for me. She laughed and told me that she was just fucking with me but she was glad that I told her how I felt. Damnit! Bloody bitch just went Hannibal Lecter on me again. I fucking hate it when the chic is smarter than me.

I couldn't find any of the old twiggies except this new banana flavored twiggies that looks and come in the size of a regular twiggies but taste just like a fucking banana cake.

4:29am and it is fucking pouring outside and it is fucking cold inside my room. Jane and I are on my bed under a duvet with woawoa sandwiched between us and we are watching Disturbia. I don't care if the show sucks because right now I have both my best pals with me, that is all that matters.

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