Keeping My Dick Chained This Weekend

In my iPod: Had Enough - Papa Roach
State of mind: Smelling Good
Location: Home

I have been up since 7am doing crunch in my home gym to the fucking tune of Papa Roach's Metamorphosis. I wouldn't say it is their best but it does have some great moments wrapped and served in a melodic guitar riff but don't bother looking for it in the stores because it is only schedule to be release on March 24. It is so fucking common these days, just like the menstrual juice overflowing outta your pad and staining your panties, leaked CDs are every fucking where. But the only difference is that some of this CD doesn't stink, but most of them stinks like overnight menstrual stain. You know I have always be a fucking soldier when it comes to my workout routine. I follow every fucking thing to its cunt hair detail; like increasing my amount of crunch every day by 5 but now doing almost 600 crunch a day is somehow getting ridiculous because it is just talking too much fucking time. I got much better things to do like cultivating some man and machine relationship with my PS3. I really gotta find a way to up the intensity and not the fucking frequency.

Anyhow, even in the fucking mist of sweating my ass off, I could still smell the sweet scent of my hair that is cover with the stench of my hair shampoo. I must have poured half a bottle of shampoo on my hair yesterday because I didn't wash it for like 3 days; I had the fucking idiots working in JBA (water works) to thank for. Almost 90% of Kuantan was in a fucking dry spell just because those butt fucking idiots couldn't fix the problem and it had to take them 3 fucking days to get water supply back into our houses. Sometimes I wonder why do they have to hire monkeys to do a man's job and let us the paying consumers suffer the fucking ordeal? JBA should stop hiring monkeys that graduates from the fucking zoo just because they have the same skin color and probably the same fucking stench and looks.

So the fucking weekend is upon us again and I need to be stacking on my Twiggies supply because it is Jane's favorite and she will be coming over for a Die Hard marathon. She has just got the Die Hard Series in Blu-Ray. There's no better way to kill the weekend than to watch Bruce Willis' profanity filled action flicks and gaining pounds by munching on Twiggies . Jane if you remember is a close friend whom I “accidentally” fucked last year. I haven't seen her after that and this would be the first meeting after we've fucked. Well, I really don't know how ultra funky weird and awkward this meeting is going to get but if it turns into a confrontation, I told myself to fucking keep my dick chained up inside my pants and tell her exactly how I fucking feel – that is I still just wanna be her buddy. So let's just see how it is gonna go down this weekend and I will update you when it is over.