I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies

In my iPod:Soul of a Man - Beck
State of mind:Homicidal

Wouldn't it be nice if I could just strike this hammer onto someone's head, bust a hole big enough so that I could use this giant hook, to scrap out all the brain matters from the head and then sprinkle some lime inside the skull. Maybe I could lock someone up and then cut off one of his limps per day, then cook it and feed it to him and at the end when all his limps are gone, I will show him the video of me cooking his limps and then feeding it to him. Probably he will choke and die in his own vomit after finding out about his compelled cannibalism. If not, I'll do it the old fashion way. Pour a gallon of gasoline into his body and then shove a life wire in and watch him fucking burn from the inside out.

I swear to fucking god if that fucking preacher doesn't shut the hell up and keep on talking cock about matters surrounding my mother's passing, I am making sure that the way he dies will be an epic story that will be made into a Hollywood blockbuster. I have had enough of his fucking bullshit and crap and I fucking regretted not breaking his face the first time. But I have no remorse shoving him to the wall today, if it wasn't the fact that someone pull me away. I would have given him a broken nose and a fat lip. Even though I didn't punch him in the face today but shoving him hard against the wall felt good. I don't know where all this violence in me came from but I know it was his trash talking that fuel this rage inside of me to fucking have this outburst. You can brand me malignant but that fucker had it coming.

The thought of fucking killing someone does cross our mind once awhile, but most of us, doesn't say it out. Yeah I know it is a fucking serious crime, but is it a fucking crime to think about it in your head? Does that amounts to crime? The fucking bible says yeah even when you think about it but that is not what our society's laws says. So I guess it is pretty safe to think about it. I know you might think that I am a sick bastard but I know some of you did think about it when someone made you very very angry or when someone fucked you up real bad.

It is alright to think about killing someone you fucking hate, it is in our fucking gene because we are the descendant of Cain - Adam's son who kill his brother and became the world's first murderer. We inherited his murderous hate. Don't blame us but blame the fucker that made us this way.

Some of us can control this urge but some of us can't. That is why you see people killing people every fucking day. So what about those who are at the borderline and are on the edge, waiting for someone to tick them off before they go on a fucking rampage killing everyone in sight? There is just no way you can ever find out who they are. Who knows your neighbor or close colleague or even your child's nanny is on the verge of going postal?

...by shoving a crucifix up his ass? You know what they say about Eric Harries and Dylan Klebold before it happened. They were very bright young men who are very likely to succeed in life and intelligent enough to make any dream a reality. One thing these dipshits manage to turn into reality is the massacre of fellow students and teachers at Columbine High School, Littleton, Colorado.

Eric, Dylan and I do share some common interest that is killing people and listening to KMFDM's music.

P.s. I was just kidding about the last line above. Got you thinking I am some nut job didn't I? I think most of you know me better than that. Of course, I am more into Marilyn Manson than KMFDM .

P.s.s. The title of this post is to commemorate the upcoming Marilyn Manson's release - The High End of Low and also the free downloads entitled "We are from America" which is going to be available on 27 March 2009. Fuck man, I can't wait for the new stuff.