Art of Screwing Your Anxiety

In my iPod: The Noose - a Perfect Circle
State of mind: Anxious
Location: Mumbai, India

Traveling is the high that you get when you purchase a one way ticket to a place you have no idea what to expect. You treat every fucking moment like it was a foreign movie that you have never watched before. Never fucking judge just one place for its let down but take it as a scene of a movie because there are bound to be ups and downs, happiness and miserable, laughter and sorrow. Don’t come to a conclusion on how your entire trip was until you on that flight back. Another thing I have learned on the road is instead of letting the bad and horrid tragedy in our lives changed us into a sour and skeptical beings, use the crap that we are in to our advantage and gain experience from it. What doesn’t kill us may leave a fucking dent but it would make us smarter, wiser and never be caught with our pants down again.

I would love to tell you that all this that I have conceived came to me in a moment of clarity on top of a holy and sacred mountain where the summits touches the clouds. But sadly I was in a bar half sober and was talking to a bunch of drunken backpackers when it came to me. Yeah I was drowning in anxiety because tomorrow my result is going to be out. Do I have to go through 6 months of treatment? Can I still carry on with my journey? Do I have to be admitted into some fucking hospital? So many questions yet no answer yet. I tried telling that to an Irish back packer but the advice he told me was, sit down and have another pitcher!

And you fucking know what, it does fucking makes sense. Why worry about tomorrow when you can worry about what fun are you going to have today? So what the heck, might as well enjoy every second of today and see what happens next. What better way to start than to upgrade my room from a shabby low class hotel which is not even worth mentioning into the world class Sahara Star Hotel. I guess this the most technologically advanced room that I have been in here in India. There are touch screen panels everywhere in the room; beside the bed and in the bathroom to control the lights, temperature and the huge ass plasma TV. Fuck, there are even lights underneath the bed; I guess it is to keep the monsters away. I think the glass panel door that separates the bath room and bedroom is just what you need when you have someone over for the night and not to mention the mirror on top of bed ceiling, just in case you wanna pull off a Christian Bale in American Psycho.

The Sahara Star of Mumbai

The Mercury room and there is even a Uranus room which sounds so wrong.

But somehow I am still bummed out because I couldn’t get a booking to the hilltop hotel that I have wanted to stay in since the day I set foot on India. Fucking place is fully booked till next year. Fuck! Not going to tell you what this place is yet because I am still trying to pull strings to get in there. How I wished the management of the hotel is like our Malaysian police, there is nothing you can’t get or get away with by paying a little fee.

Lights out.

29/6 In Mumbai

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