Build, Spawn, Pillage, Siege

In my iPod:Ty Cobb - Soundgarden
State of mind: Pillage
Location: Bangalore, India

Build, spawn, pillage, siege and repeat all over again. That is how I was wasting my precious time the last few days. I remember how fucking hooked up I was with Mage Wars 10 years ago. I was practically glued to my seat, connected to the internet via a 28.8 modem, I control my throne from a 14’ CRT monitor that was powered by a state of art Pentium 75 MHz desktop PC. Back then I had to work and study at the same time but I still had time to build, spawn, pillage and siege. The only thing that suffers was my relationship with my girlfriend; so I had to made it up to her at night and I mean all night long just to shut her up, and it pretty much made me a living corpse after the first month of the abuse.

Now, the fuckers that brought you Mage wars have re-spawn the game and it is called The Reincarnation. Same shit but this time, you can fucking control more than one account on one PC which means more time spent on playing this godforsaken game. But I am not complaining now, because I don’t have a job, I don’t have to study, I don’t have a girlfriend; hey, you know what, I don’t have a fucking life. So who the fuck cares? I can be playing this shit until kingdom comes, for what I care. The best thing about it these days, is that with a smart phone, you can fucking play in anywhere. You don’t have to be seating in front of your laptop. As long as your battery is charged and you connection is good, you are ready to build, spawn, pillage and siege .Heck, I even build, spawn, pillage and siege while I was sitting on ceramic bowl with shit coming out of my ass. The only time I stop build, spawn, pillage and siege was the time I stop to wipe my fucking ass. Wondrous things the gadget these days makes you do, Halleluiah, wondrous things.

Anyway, I thought I drop in a few words, you know while waiting for my army to build, spawn, pillage and siege. While I was out on the streets today, I passed by this tattoo shop and I saw this guy’s works. It was awesome; he could be easily be one of the best tattooist in the world. I told myself I so gonna get inked here. Suddenly there this part of me wants me to fucking turn myself into a fucking human passport book. It wants me to fucking get ink every time I am in a new country. I guess I will be picking something to ink before I leave for Mumbai soon.

Damnit, my addiction resistant is so fucking low but the problem is I am so easily addicted to geekish things like facebook, twitter and blogging shit and now Mage War. Why can’t I be normal and be addicted to prostitutes or transvestites instead?

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11/6 Indian Curry Puffs

8/6 They worship King Kong

7/6 Night Chai with Aria

7/6 Junk Food Heaven

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