Fuck You Tom Selleck

In my iPod: Glory Girl - Amanda Ghost
State of mind: Troubled
Location: Bangalore, India

I was walking to the bus station on my way to lunch and later to pick up some daily needs when I overheard somebody said that a 5 star hotel just got blown up again. I am not sure where and which hotel just got blown up but I did notice that a lot of people are talking about it and images of the hotel that was rearranged seems to be on the channel a lot. So I guessed that the hotel should either be here or somewhere very very near. So just like any generation Google would do, I whipped out my PDA and searched for the latest hotel bombing.

Well, the good news is it wasn’t in India, it was in a Pakistan, Peshawar's Pearl Continental Hotel; 11 people were fully blown away for good and 50 others nearly got blown away. The bad news is the bombing aren’t just random, they are in fact targeted at foreigners. I don’t know what that means but to me 5 stars Hotel with lots of foreigners spelled death. I mean staying in one of them makes you a sitting duck waiting for the next bomb to blow you into smithereens.

As I sat there in the bus, my mind was troubled; very very troubled. I am a fucking troubled man. And no amount of Xanan is gonna turn this frown upside down. I mean how can this be? Why this? What the fuck is wrong? Why do the India locals here have chest hair and my chest is as smooth as a baby’s ass? Why do the Indians here get to be Tom Selleck and I don’t. It ain’t fucking fair. Is it the fucking curry diet that they are on that makes their Tom Selleck grow? Godamnit. Now I know why all the fine Indian chic always hang out with the butt ugly Indian guys? Yeah you got it right; it is because of their Tom Sellecks. Looking at the man sitting across me, it feels like he is mocking me with his exposed Tom Selleck bursting outta his shirt.

Fuck you! You curry munching Tom Selleck!

Well, back to less important things; I know that the bombing happened in Pakistan, it is a long shot away but I cannot deny the fact that Pakis and Indian are almost the same, always exposing with their Tom Selleck to rub it in your face. Sigh! So I think I should consider staying in hotel with fewer foreigners and stay clear of them to be safe. Wait, what the fuck am I saying? I am a foreigner too right? How can I stay away from myself? Fuck the bombs, emma going to grow myself a Tom Selleck.

12/6 Public Transport

11/6 Indian Curry Puffs

8/6 They worship King Kong

7/6 Night Chai with Aria

7/6 Junk Food Heaven

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