Off to see The Wizard

In my iPod:Pretty Noose - Soundgarden
State of mind: Suck
Location: Bangalore, India

Suck is the feeling you get knowing that the women you love is getting shoved at by a hard stiff dick and the thing she is screaming is not your fucking name. That wasn’t actually how it went down but the feeling was close, because I just got ass rape by a Guild who named themselves “The Seventh Seal” (what a dumb name) just because I pillaged their members. Get real bitch, it is just a game, you don’t have to gang bang my character just because I raided and killed all your villagers right? Anyway, game aside, I think I would feel better after a I get a proper meal which I have been deprived of the last few days. (Yeah, I was too busying playing The Reincarnation game)

During breakfast, a man came up to me and started having a conversation. It was mostly about common stuff that any locals would ask a fucking tourist. Talk about blending in, I would have done a better job if I wasn’t born that Chinese. Anyway, his talks got boring and I think I must have rolled my eyes and he caught the sight of it. I know I am damn rude but it is not every day that you get a man coming up to you while you are having breakfast and starts to be all friendly and shit with you. Thinking about it does give me the goose bumps; fuck, do I come off as gay? So before he kills me with his banality, he moved into his agenda and I was relieved that he was not a fucking homo trying to hit on me but he was a fortune teller spokes person.

He was telling me about this master in clairvoyance and a lot of tourist have sought out his advice and guidance. I thought to myself, why would a suicidal fuck like me wanna ask for advice for living? This fortune telling promoter is obviously preaching to the wrong choir. But somehow, it fucking occurred to me that all my life I have never really went to a fortune teller to have my fortune told. I guess I can do that. In fact I was in such a mood that I am willing to try anything new that includes putting my head into a burning furnace if I could get a glimpse of Hell. So I told him, hell yeah, why not. In fact I did have something in my head that was bothering me and so I guess why not give this curry seer a try. He might be able to give me some insight on what tattoo to get.

So after my last mouthful of Chai, Mr. Sales person lead the way. We walked about a couple of blocks along the narrow streets until we reached a really narrow flight of stairs that leads to a small and dark doorway. Right about now, if you are a big fan of horror or suspenseful movie, this was like the perfect scene where the psycho killer was leading the victim to the butcher. But it was too late for me to chicken out now. So off into the unknown I went…

Alright, going out for dinner now, to be continued…

15/6 Going out for Dinner

12/6 Public Transport

11/6 Indian Curry Puffs

8/6 They worship King Kong

7/6 Night Chai with Aria

7/6 Junk Food Heaven

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