A Failed General Physician

In my iPod:Snuff - Slipknot
State of mind: Poisoned
Location: Bangalore, India

It rained all the way to the restaurant. It was finally raining in Hell. After days of being scorched by the fucking sun, the rain has decided to fall. To some, this isn’t rain; it was God pissing down on them, to fucking save them from the brutal heat wave. I am not sure whether if I can say the same for those without shelter but I am still glad that the fucking divine has decided to piss down on this out of control pressure cooker that was overheating.

God, I‘ve forgotten how good food tasted. I think I might have totally forgotten that eating is one of the many pleasures of being alive; thanks to my addiction to Mage War on the Reincarnation site. My rack of lamb just seems to melt in my mouth; I knew I could go for seconds. But the wait is just something I didn’t wanna put up with. So I decided to just be content with it and pick up something on my way back to the hotel.

My pistachio crusted lamb rack with vegetable

On my way there, someone who has just got back from KL appeared on my PDA screen and she lit the sun on me on this cold Monday night. I had the best time chatting with her, even though it was just the usually, Hey, How, What, and When regular crap that people yip-yap about on the MSN but with her it was different. I would be kidding myself if I had said that I didn’t miss her the last few days.

The rain stopped as walked outta the cab that took me back to my hotel; I paid the fare and now I am comfortably seated on my bed, continuing from where I left off just now…

[Flicks on the TV only to find the movie “Crash” on the movie channel]

I heard this was a really good movie; be back in 2 or more.

[After 1 hour and 55 minutes]

So as I was saying just now, I was about to walk in a horror movie. Mr. Sale person led the way up the stairs and into the dark narrow door way where it leads to another flight of stairs and ultimately a red door. He opened it and I stepped in. You know the way that he described the master, I was expecting the place to be something a little more esoteric but I ended up in an old abortion clinic-like setting with a counter table and some long benches. I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures, so I am just gonna try to explain it the best I can. For an enclosed place, I am surprised that this place was not a bit curry scented, but up until Mr. Sales person led me into a room which suppose to be the master’s office. That fucking room was reek of musky pee smell. How the fuck can the fucking master stand the fucking stench? Maybe the smell is him?

The master was a fairly obese man in his early 50s, wears a white robe like a GP in a clinic. Damn, is this guy for real? With the setting of this place and the whole outfit thing, I am guessing that he didn’t made it to medical school and he is now living out his next best dream ambition - a fortune teller.

I told him I am a fucking virgin when it comes to be fortune told; I don’t know what to do and also please be gentle on my fortune hymen. So he started blathering about what aspect of my life I wanna found out or is there anything I need guidance with and all that fortune telling jazz shit. I am not going to go in the fucking detail of what he fucking told me because damn thing he says is so god damn general , it could apply to anyone; Yeah maybe even you who is reading this shit that I am blogging right here. For almost 30 minutes of his bullshitting, I had to pay Rs.300 which was close to RM20. Damn you nigga (sorry I mean napkin nigga), you won’t be expecting me or any of my friends back here again.

But as I was leaving that fouled smelling room, he said, “I know there is something that you can’t let go. Stop trying to let go and let it just surface…”

Without a word, I left.

15/6 Going out for Dinner

12/6 Public Transport

11/6 Indian Curry Puffs

8/6 They worship King Kong

7/6 Night Chai with Aria

7/6 Junk Food Heaven

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