An Exit from this Emotional Abuse

In my iPod: Open Eyes - Saliva [download]
State of mind: Broken down
Location: Between Bhopal and Bangalore, India

As you can fucking see, I have been a little short on words these days because I am refraining from blogging or should I say exposing myself too much. I am just a little too connected to my emotional right now that I think it has taken the best of me, influencing my thoughts, actions and fingers that I fucking used to type this fucking blog. This time of the year has always been a hard period for me. So many dates and anniversaries that just seem to be adding salt to this fucking wound. Yeah, you might say that I fucking turned into an emotional wreck comes this time of the year, just look back at the three years worth of blogging materials here and you will find that there is enough emo energy there to fucking light up a city.

Being close to your emotions is one thing but being too close might just make you say things or in this case blog out things you might regret. I mean fuck, I don’t wanna be that person who leaves a suicide note on his blog for the world to see. It spells “Pathetic Cry Out for Attention”. So, this is me hopping on an exit and trying to stay away from all this emotional abuse while I try not to have so much mood poisoning post, at least after I am through getting over this period of time. For now, I am just going to lick India’s ass and fucking tell you what a fucking great time I am fucking having here all by my fucking self, enjoying every fucking moment and tasting the fucking delicious food that this fucking country has got to fucking offer. Fuck man fuck! I fucking love it here ……..zzzzzZZZzzzzZZZzzzZZzzzz

how a hellhole looks like

So this is me, signing off from a moving train between Bhopal and Bangalore. Since this post is about licking this fucking country’s ass. I won’t get fucking started with the condition of the train, the smell of the fucking curry munches and how fucking gay it is to be fucking sleeping close to 4 smelly curry fuckers.

12 more hours to go and if I die before I arrive, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.


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