The Sari Hunter

In my iPod: This is It - Staind
State of mind: Healthy
Location: Mumbai, India

Not Delhi, not Bangalore, not Mumbai but there is slight chance that I might consider staying in Varanasi not because it is the modern city of the dead but it was the traditional lifestyle and the colorful culture that captivated me; to many it may seems queer but I totally feel right at home there.

So what about the food? I may have come to hate curry now but I am slowly getting used to the reek of it. I may be fussy about my food but the one thing that I am blessed with is my ability to withstand hunger. The heat? The place may be ancient but it still has AC. Language wise, I think I am still capable to pack in a dialect of two. So what the fuck is stopping me from coming here to stay?

I am not trying to fucking jinx myself but I swear to fucking God that the 10 fucking plague of Egypt is upon me. First it was severe coughing, so bad that it completely damaged my windpipe then I had the worst fever for 3 days, next my whole body was covered with fucking rashes. I mean WTF, what is next? I have been consistently getting sick for the last two and a half months here. Seriously, I love it here but my body just seems to be rejecting India.

After 3 days of not stepping outta my hotel, I finally got my ass outand decided to do a little Sari hunting again. Well I did bought a batch of saris for my friends but this time it was for someone special. Well, you know me, when I do something for someone that I hold dear, I would give it my 110 and is willing to go all out. Even though I already have a little sari shopping experience under my belt courtesy of Olivia but the sari shops in Mumbai are way bigger than the ones in Bangalore. It’s like stepping into a huge ass mall that only sells Saris and it is so easy to drown in the seas of fabric laid before your very eyes. I am completely overwhelmed and didn’t know where to fucking start looking when I step in such a shop.

It only took two of this mega ass size shop to make my eyes go vertigo and then it flip my fever switch back on again. Frankly, I have no idea what to look for except for the fact that it must be white and it must look good on her. I think I shall go to a smaller size shop tomorrow after my sitar class.

The shopping experience wasn’t that bad actually; in fact I did have fun watching the sale person posing as sari model. It may look funny on curry men but it is a pretty normal thing there.

"I feel pretty...Oh so pretty..."

"Oh... I iz Princess of Cury Land"

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