The School of Hard Sitars

In my iPod: Ghost - Extreme
State of mind: Rocking
Location: Mumbai, India

It is very unusual for me to post up two posts back to back but I had to recap what went down today. (Okay, it wasn’t unusual for the “me” who was a blog addict a year ago but definitely not now). So it is finally Tuesday and it was my first day of my sitar class. Feeling rather like a kid on his first day of school, I have no idea what the fuck to expect. I mean for my fucking age, I would have been to school like a million times but never have I set foot in a school in India. I mean I didn’t want to get bullied or have my lunch money extorted by bigger curry kids. So I tried to dress down as much as possible: jeans, tee and a cap. I tied and hid my pony tail away; I really didn’t want to attract unnecessary attention. You know even though it was just music class and I am suppose to be having fun but somehow going to school always bring out the blues in me and to make it worse, I had to take a bus to school. Dang, I don’t wanna be beaten up by those bullies sitting at the back seat on my way to school… Anyway, class was great and in fact it was much more fun than I anticipated. Some nice punk ass kid even brought a fake Les Paul and a bunch of pedals to school, so we jammed a little after class.

So this is me in my element, playing a cover of INXS’s Suicide Blonde’s riffs.

To be frank, I was completely lost in class today. It might be that maybe 6 years of not attending any classes has rusted my brain but a little “fall behind” and rain won’t stop me from coming back again tomorrow.

This is me with a grin saying: