Female Body Builder Maid Wanted

Like a preacher man stealing money from the church's coffer, here I am sitting in the waiting room, waiting for my dad who is having his stitches taken off. I'm trying to hijack as much time to myself as I possibly can; I am trying to catch a breather, just enough for me to get my fucking thoughts together as I try to journalize it.

It’s been a little more than a week since my dad was hospitalize for having breathing difficulties and this is also the same amount of time which I have been back from an almost 5 months travel around India. But instead of trying to revert back to my usual routine, I find myself rather in a whole different situation. With my dad sick and my mum nowhere around, I'm trying to fill my parents shoes in keeping this house together. From cooking to cleaning, doing the laundry to taking out the trash...etc etc. You fucking get the picture; it’s all hands on for me. Once again I am re-living my clockwork days and my biological clock has been reset to waking up and going to bed early. It may seem like a good thing because it is normal and being normal is what normal people do but the thing is I have never been comfortable with being normal. Living a mundane life has never gone well with me. Every single cell and chromosome in me is trying to reject this.

I long to stay awake for days and finally pass out on the third or fourth day; I long for the early whiskey session that would get me pissed drunk in the morning and sober in the afternoon; I long for the endless hours spent on my game console; not eating, not sleeping or not bathing until I finish the game; I long for the freedom of being a beach bum, hanging out at the beach and productively doing something that really amounts to nothing all day.

But I guess all of these have just gotta be put on hold while I carry out my duty as a son and the caretaker of my house. Am I too fucking whinny? Cause it’s only been slightly more than a week of this; but seriously I'm looking for a maid to help us out. I've never had a full time maid before but somehow, I think I'm going to be disappointed when the maid arrives because I've always told myself that if I am ever gonna get a maid, I'm gonna get a female body builder as one. i.e. Chyna (former WWE superstar /amateur porn star). Imagine watching her flex her muscles while she does her daily work, wouldn’t that be money well spent? Too bad there isn't one that fit the description here.

P.S. I wonder if it is okay if I train my maid to be one once she's here.

P.S.S. Compared to the last time I got my stitches removed, the work on dad was done in a jiffy.

P.S.S.S. Afterward, we walked across the road from to hospital to have Bak Kut Teh for breakfast which was one of the most unhealthy dish you can probably have especially after your stitches comes off. Fuck yeah, I am such a great son and I know T. Rose is gonna be so disappointed in me;, even after she gave me that book on being a vegetarian, I choose to have fatty pork for breakfast.

To: T. Rose,
Thank you so much for the book, I really appreciate it.