They say hell is not a place but a form of revenge; for every damn ounce of joy and pleasure you reap without sowing, an ounce of pain and suffering will be added into your account and it will be pay in full in our afterlife. But somehow I feel like my toll is being paid in advance here.

It’s one of those days where you fucking realized that you are actually swimming in the ashes of what you call your life and you feel that your anguish that has been stored in your unconsciousness, slowly slip and slide back into your fucking system again. The pain is raising; the hurt resurfaces; just like pouring salt into an opened wound, the floodgate is opened again and in a matter of minute you’ll be drowning in your sea of sorrows.

Feeling like I am buried alive in a Tibetan Sky burial; every inch of my flesh, every ounce of my entrails are being pecked away by them fucking vultures, even my bones are ground and are feasted upon. Every inch of me is being tormented, breathing is a burden and death is actually is release.

But as I look up the night shattered sky I finally realized something, what is happiness without sadness? What is pleasure without pain? Without one of them, the other really means nothing.