You know the thing about going on a blog hiatus is that the chances of you pulling a Houdini and not coming back is pretty damn high. Somehow, the blogging zeal in you just evaporates into thin air when you are far away from you blog. As time passes, you are not interested in knowing who are the ones who lurk your blog, you don't give a rat's ass even when your daily hits touches rock-bottom, you feel burdened to reply comments left by your readers, heck you don't even feel like looking at your own blog.

You know, when that time comes, it’s fucking time to fucking move on. It’s time to take your hands off the keyboard and placed it inside your pants and start stroking that of what has been neglected for a long time. Yes, masturbating does feel better than blogging; a blowjob would be way better but the result is the same - you need to clean up after that.

I guess it is a very common thing for a blogger to quit blogging after a hiatus, check out my blogroll to-date. It's like a graveyard of blogs there. Most of them started off by going on a hiatus and they were never to be heard of again...

But right now I feel my blood boil; I feel my spine coil; my hair is ripping; my senses are tripping and there's a monster inside my head , some kind of demon screaming to be let loose. And just like Jack, it is trying to rip its way outta my head. So I guess it is still not time to quit yet, at least until the screams inside my head dies or when I cease to exist.

Right now I feel like a werewolf in a pink bikini and I have some sore news for you motherfuckers that hate me. I'm sorry to say I'm still here to stay and you will just have to deal with all my fucking shit.