I'm Looking for a Girl

You know what, I think I'm ready for a relationship...

I'm looking for a girl. I'm looking for a girl whom I can cherish. I'm looking for a girl whom I can show my affections to. I'm looking for a girl who likes to be pampered. I'm looking for a girl whom I can lavish my utmost care upon. I’m looking a girl who isn't afraid of gulping down a 16 oz. full cream milkshake to wash down the super size McValue meal that she just ate and then have room for more desserts. I’m looking for a girl who can fill up a full size Godzilla suit.

I'm tired of the norm; I'm sick of underweight girls who dressed up like Princess Leia in a golden toga or like a slutty nun holding a crucifix-like dildo; and at your very command, they are willing to go on their fucking knees and chow down on your filth or do anything to fulfill the every ounce of butt-hole pleasure you desire. No there's not what I want. I want a wholesome 100% fatty filled 350 lbs beauty to call my own.

So what if you've got supermodels for all your girlfriends, one of them 350lbs beauty has got more ass than all your girlfriends combined and even without the help of push-ups, you will never ever again have to complain about not seeing any cleavage on your girlfriend; cleavages can be found everywhere. Come on, why settle for a toothpick when you can have the whole fucking log to yourself?

There's nothing sexier than a girl who weights over 350lbs; the very thought of fondling her dangling flaps of body fat especially the thighs, arms, and back just fucking turns me on. The very sight of her oversize breast and everything else leaves me feeling so goddamn exhilarating and it makes me wanna pass gas every time I fantasize about how fucking tight the largest brassier looks on her. Inserting my manhood between the deep folds of skin of her obese body, using her sweat as lubricant and thrusting to orgasm is simply utopia. Seriously I don’t know why people sees fat as a turn off.

So if you are interested but not quite there yet. Why don’t we engage ourselves in a little feederism relationship where I can be the feeder and you can be the feedee; I can lavish you with acts of feeding, encouragement to eat, and serve you large quantities of food and pretty soon you will be the objectification of my fat fetishism.

I promise I'll be the wicked witch who feeds you if you promise to be my sweet 350lbs Gretel.