Happiness after Love

Love is a many splendid thing; love can lift us up where we belong; all you need is love; but pretty soon you'll find out that love is actually the road to your ruin...yeah, all you need is love to fucking ruin your life.

Love is a fucking parasite that lift you up like the sweetest angel and then it will tear you down like a bitter whore, before you even know it, it'll leave you feeling like the dirty spit of the world.

It is a common misconception that the fucking weird feeling that you feel in your stomach when you are in love are butterflies flapping around, the actual cold hard fact, it is probably hook worms or tape worms. Because when the love is gone, the one feeling that your fucking senses can’t lie to you is the feeling of being worn out, chewed up and cast aside like unwanted underwear filled with skid marks.

So what the fuck do we do after the love is gone and we are back being sober again? Are we ever going to be back in the state of euphoric as before or are we just going to remain feeling like stained undergarment?

You know, some of us would become story tellers, telling tales of your previous relationship with your ex. The thing about living in this darn generation is you can have a worldwide audience to listen to your WTF love story. You can fucking blog about how Jesus Christ you were for her; or you can fucking facebook all your pictures together, showing your so-called “Friends” on the internet how great you two were together; or you can twit every 5 minutes on Twitter, whining about how much that relationship has taken its toll on you; better yet you could video yourself crying and sobbing while you tell the world about the greatest love story (not Christ but your WTF love story) on YouTube hoping to gain fame through the sympathy of others. As ridiculous as it may sound but yes, there are some of us who does that and I am guilty of some but not all of the above.

Then there are some of us that just can’t get off feeding from the sympathy of our illusive friends on our facebook account, soon we become the fox in Aesop‘s fables. I think you know which fox I am talking about; yeah it’s the same old fucking fox that couldn’t reach the grapes, hence “sour grape”. Seriously it doesn’t take much to have one of these sour grape session, all you need to do is gather a bunch of your close friends, drink lotsa beer and start bad mouthing about your ex, heck you can even create your very own tall tales about how fuck up your ex is; the fucking sky is the limit. The more you drink and the more bad things you mouth off about your ex (whether true or not), it will eventually become a fact to you and your buddies that your ex is just a fucking sour grape. But if your friends are not as delusional as you, you would probably have to switch to something harder like whiskey.

But a person with a rationale mind would know that none of the posted “facts” on your blog as a whinny blogger or becoming a delusional sour grape creator would ever wipe your fucking relationship slate clean and place your back in your previous state of bliss. He would tell you to clean up your act and strife for a better self, and then find someone new to love and fucking live happily ever after.

But we all fucking know that is bullshit, you may have the finest things in life, a great job, big cars, a big house with furniture that matches the latest Ikea’s catalog and a girlfriend or wife with much bigger breasts than your ex but every fucking time you think about how happy she looks after the breakup, your blood begins to boil; Her every laughter is an abomination to you, and all you wanna do is just break every single fucking teeth in her mouth, kick her in the stomach until her next menstrual start flowing, chew off her nipples and spit it into her mouth.

No there is no happiness here but just another bottomless void that just keeps eating you up like cancer; and you ain’t getting out of it until you fucking see the bitch in misery. Seriously the breakup cliché “I just want you to be happy” is a load of crap.

So if you ask me is there really happiness after the love is over?


There is “Happiness after Love” but it only comes after you watch that fucking bitch break.