A String of Replies

To Dood,
As much as I hate to admit it, sometimes it is our own mistake that we want something that we cannot have. Seeing and fucking someone who is attached with another person and loving someone who is already in a relationship with another person is a whole different ball game. You tell yourself you don’t wanna be bother by it as long as you are getting pussy action but deep down inside you are tripping. I try to forget her by taking it out on other cunts but that just make things worse because it sucked the fun outta fucking altogether. I don’t know about you now, but that is how I felt when I was still in love with her.

To Miss Suicide,
Like a mirror that always gives back your face, my fucking memory tend to always replay the worst part of my life, constantly reminding me what I don’t wanna remember. I guess until I find another object of my affection it ain’t that easy to move on, but that doesn’t mean I will forget. Seriously if someone punch you in the face and apologize, I bet you will not forget. Because we are not Jesus fucking Christ or at least who he says he is. Whether we fucking like it or not, we’re gonna bring those fucked up memories of ours into our graves.

To Agent M and Big Boobs,
I totally agree with y’all. There’s the good cunt, the bad cunt and the ugly cunt but I love them all no matter what. I won’t blame any cunt for screwing me up because I think it is just my emotion that took the best of me. So as long as I shut out my emotion and keep my affection at bay, no cunt - good or bad is gonna screw me over because to me they are just another piece of meat.

To Other Dood,
People tend to be intimidated with what is different and uncommon; just be who you are and not swing to what other people’s view on what you should be or become. Fuck them if they cannot accept what you are or has become. Don’t be afraid to show them your middle finger because that is actually what it is made for.

To Rawr,
Yeah, that is a pretty cool idea. A girl sent me a picture of her own cutting design sometime ago and I’ve published it here - Wendy Johnson’s’ Mariner’s Compass

To Dell and Grrr,
If there is a will there is a way to cut. I once cut myself with a broken mug handle because I couldn’t find my razors.

To Callie,
I see that you are trying to post but I’m sorry I buried your post because there wasn’t anything on it. I didn’t delete it but I just saved it as draft. If you are having problem with publishing your stuff, you can always try to get me on MSN or email me. Feel free to post your stuff over this post. I think I speak for most of us here that we are looking forward to read what you wrote.