Dirty Old Man

Have you ever felt like everyone around you has changed but you still remain the same?

Maybe it is just a post valentine syndrome or it could be that I'm noticing that almost all my peers are moving on with their life and I'm still here singing the same song, dancing to the same tune. I have yet to rearrange my fucking life.

Getting married, growing fat, having kids, going home early, being safe, eating tasteless food, listening to Jazz on a regular basis...blah, blah, blah ...and the fucking list goes on.

You may fucking laugh at how ridiculous lame and old your friends have become and you can always choose to mingle with other younger friends. But everything has an expiry date, eventual your younger friend has to move on and you find yourself in the company of even younger friends. The vicious cycle goes on until one day you fucking realized that you're that creepy old guy in the group.

Here's a hint to get it in your thick skull if you don’t:

You know, you’re that creepy old guy that doesn’t belong in that group when your friends call you old man, uncle, sir or the Ancient One.

Well, I am not quite there yet but I feel like I am getting there. It is inevitable, some of us choose not to think about it but eventual one day, you’re gonna wake up and look in that fucking mirror and realized that you are looking at the Ancient One.

But for now I’m still young and single and I’m ripping through young girl’s vagina like a piece toilet tissue.

But that day will come and my knees ain’t gonna be what they used to be after a whole night kneeling in between a girl's spread legs; or the minutes that it takes to erect again after a banging session is turning into hours. But that won’t deter me from partying like a Dirty Old Man.

You know the best thing of being a Dirty Old Man is that you get to fuck girls 20 to 30 years younger than you and you won’t be labeled as a pedophile.