Whole World Brings You Down

For Lisa (1988 – 2011)

Tell me the story again
How did you fell apart in the end
Was it then when you ran to the edge
And wanted to jump off that ledge

I can see you slipping away
Just stay with me
I’ll find you reasons that fit
And please don’t tell me it’s just too late

Has always been your friend that you try to hide
Fueling and gearing you towards the end
If only you tell me what you need
I’ll try to stop the bleeding and no, you’re not too far gone

When did all the gold around you rust
Turning all the love you had to dust
Alone you sat, watching the night do what the night could to you
I know it took the best of you

I know it is easier said than done
Especially when it's so hard to trust anyone
But sometimes faith is a place inside of you
That you can run and hide

If the Whole World Brings You Down
And you’re falling faster than the speed of sound
Just look to the side
And I’ll be sinking down with you

You can that me that I am that
But that isn’t going to save me
From holding my breath with you
Till all the lines in this world turns blur