1. The Pain of Sleeping

3:59 fucking AM and I don’t have no fucking clue as to why am I doing right now.  I’m still fucking wide awake at this fucking ungodly hour with bloodshot eyes and body as tired as a fucking flaccid dick that has gone through countless pieces of cunts.  I'm watching the fucking hands of time as it fucking moves towards the breaking of dawn as I struggle to fucking sleep.

Feeling raped by the deprivation of sleeping…

Why can't I sleep? Why God? Why can't I fucking sleep?  Sleep God why? Why the fuck God? Fuck why? Fuck? WhySleep? Fuck God.

FUCK! It must be her.

It is funny how I used to vow that I will never again to lose any sleep on the count of her dumb ass, yet here I am here with my eyes wide open and my brain on overdrive. 

Why the fuck would anyone wanna lose sleep on someone they don't fucking give a rat's ass ? 

I've did everything from reading to meditating to conjuring bodily fluid with the help of my hand and porn. I mean I could still go on doing the five fingers shuffle till I fall asleep but I would rather reserve some of my man juice in case a random hot chic decides to knock on my door to ask for direction to my night “club”. Then again, I read somewhere that a fucking  kid died because he went over his jack off limit and I would never ever wanna be found dead that way because some kid has already done that and it would be so un-fucking-original. 

Counting sheep are fucking lame.

Maybe I’ll count the amount of girls I've slept with. You might be thinking that half of them are hookers but you’re wrong. Not because it is I am against prostitution and human trafficking, it’s because I don’t fucking believe in paying for sex.  

Hmmm… I guess that would take too much of my fucking brain juice to recall who or how they look like. Moreover, that could lead to some serious masturbation and that is the last thing that I fucking wanna do.

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