The Last Blog Post... Part 1 – Four Letter Word

Fuck, it’s been raining so much these days; I've forgotten how it is to feel dry. 

It must been the cold of the evening breeze that has brought the entire gloom of the fucking night  right back into this amnesia heart of mine; making my fucking heart bleed like it is some kind of vagina during its menstruation.  

Yes, tonight is the night where my spirits is destined to fall like how the sun did tonight. 

And the silver screen inside my fucking head keeps repeating the scene where everything we had and were came crumbling down; the part where you twist and turn, then left without even looking back. This cold and quiet night is letting me relive that every moment and split second in stunning high definition.

There were 100 things I could have said to make her stay.  Even though 99 of them were just lies to prolong the inevitable and kept that brief moment alive, just so I could have her for little longer to satisfy my male genitalia needs. 

But I choose to be a fucking mute as I watch her slip and slide out of my door and out of my fucking life. 

You know, that one thing that got us started at the first place was a 4 letter word 

 And now the one thing that could make her stay was also a 4 letter word

But I’m disgusted with love and what love makes me do.
I can never abide to what Love wants of me.
To me, Love is the filthiest four letter word.
Love fucking ruins everything
So, fuck it.  
 [long pause]

God, I fucking hate this emotional menstruation that turns my heart into some fucking ladies part that fucking bleeds out. 
[longer pause]

I think I am going to go drown myself in some whiskey before I stench of a used overnight maxi-pad.

To be continue in The Last Blog Post part 2