The Last Blog Post... Part 3 - This is the Fear That I Have Rehearsed

 that I have rehearsed so many times in my fucking head.  

The fear of having to undo, unwind,  unbend,  uncoil,  unfurl,  unravel,  unreel, unroll, untwine, untwist this buildup feelings that I have for you. Tearing down every inch of my emotive feelings and lingering cravings that my soul yearns for what you have and may become.

This isn't brand new; I am sure you have all heard this giddy love story one too many time.

This homemade love disease that has rendered me crippled; transmitting its baneful touch from my inside out.   

But today I choose to never want to feel your claws trying to break through this solitary confinement that keeps me from you.

I know I've done it to myself the day I opened my floodgate and all I feel is you gushing into me.

But how can I still love you when I don’t even dare to love myself?

To be continue in part 4