More Suicide Notes from You (updated 07/04/12)

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" Finally!!!!!!!!! A site with good, bloody cuts! Its like porn for us cutters =3 " - Nobody

"So gay my dad won't let me get out of home school, i'm gonna fucking kill myself! " - Hunter

"Family is falling apart, Sick of the fucking ghetto, I had dreams of getting out and being rich, but there is no chance for that...." That Guy 

"Everyone hates me, despite the fact that I live daily trying to please them. Recently even my teacher admitted she hated me. Most of my school doesn't want to come within three feet of me, and one student refuses to call me by anything other than "Satan". I haven't done anything purposefully wrong, I don't understand where exactly my views split from everyone else's, but I can't take it much longer. One of my teachers, and this is just so fucking professional, took my friend out of class and told her to stay away from me because I'm a "negative influence" and she might "do something she regrets". I'm not on any drugs, and I'm not doing badly in school, and I don't know why she despises me. She's not the only one, just the most recent. I was told to kill myself nine times in one week, seven were from people I love. This Negative Influence is waiting until after my aunt's wedding (March 25th, 2012) and then killing herself. I would sooner, but I would hate to make them unhappy. I never tried to hurt anyone but me. To anyone who knows me and reads this: I'm sorry I've been so horrible to you. I'm sorry."    - Jesse Sullivan

"Goodbye to those who new me well. I'm sorry it had to be this way. Goodbye to those who never knew me at all. You are truly lucky." Katie

Hey, I was thinking that a more effective way of cutting the wrist, to commit suicide, is this: cutting diagonally across the wrist..
I was imagining its like the pruning of a rose, or tried rose.  A gardener knows it's more effective to cut the stem diagonally: 
i.e., step #6, "Always prune to a healthy bud. Make sure your cut is at a 45 degree angle going away from the bud." 
I think this through experience, I am not a cutter but I was hospitalized due to delusions from having bipolar 1 and it's a personal story, but I believe cutting diagonally is the effective way to cut, for the purpose of committing suicide. Please don't post this online. Or the picture I'm attaching. But then maybe it's an alarming clue to these wrist cutters: If you fuck up and cut diagonally by accident, instead of "across the street" then you'll be fucked up dead. You're the first I tell this too. I am scared that I may spread this to others. What do you think? 

Should I spread this? I would do this in an effort to bring awareness, that across the road may turn into a diagonal cut and either way, it's a sign of death, internally as well as physically. My wish is to bring awareness and care, I don't know? A change in a culture's perspective of cutters. They cut but the last thing they need is disappointments, pressure, and name calling.

Best regards,

"This blog has made me unashamed of the fact that i cut myself i am no longer afraid of people saying what they want me to do and being dissapoinment at me, now i cut with pride tho the pain i feel will never die i will sooner than it could ever happen"  kenneth S D

"I've never been good enough to keep you happy, clearly. 2 years of trying and you've just told me that i've never once made her happy.Pills and hanging never work. so this time i'm jumping. lets see how 30-40 storeys work for me. the rest of you? you don't even matter"  Fenn

"Dear xniquet

I'm a 25 year old man from Germany who tried to commit suicide several times. I would like you to give me some hints for cutting my wrist.
At my first try to commit suicide I tried to cut my wrist, but I didn't really know, where the artery is. I thought, if I touch my wrist and feel the pulse, that's where the artery is. Many years later I read, that it's in the middle of the arm. So my first question is: How can I make as sure as possible to not miss the artery?

I learned that it's a burning pain, if you try to kill you this way. So what can I do to minimize the pain?
Which Instrument should I use?
Any additional hints?"

"My real name is D. I don't know how I got here but I guess this journey started when I was young.. Bullying turned into self loathing. After almost 8 attempted Suicide attempts using the drugs valium and oxycotin I got to a point where my body could not take any more. I could no longer supply my attempts so I turned to cutting. It is unknown but certain why and how but this page has gven me a feeling of life and I feel glimpses of happiness on here, I feel pathetic writing this because i doubt anyone who reads it will care. And even if eyes are laid on this text that beholds my dark life I feel that they will be the wrong ones. My existence, to me is uncertain, I don't know weather I'll be alive.. All I want to be is happy. My life beyond this text is an image of a different story.. I just hope you keep  my identity hidden, and remember me when gone.. Thank you for I feel like I know you more than o know myself."  anonymous 

" i never really had an opinion on suicide untill now. i recently just fucked up my life and i need to die."
madeline ramona

"Life has no meaning when you go unnoticed your whole life... I'm ending this misery people find joy in. No one will read this but it will explain to those unaware. I won't miss you nor will you miss me. Farewell hell hole."  Stevie  

"Fuck you all."  Holly

"This website is amazing.thankyou for making it. it really helps me find new ways to harm myself. i hate life and this website is great for me" sadgothgirl

"i love this blog. im on it everyday. :D" Sara

"i just wanna say sorry to anyone who believed in me, i cant live being all but invisible unless a guy wants something. Thanks and bye" The unwanted girl

"I'm not making any self important rants about how much potential i had or how i was abused. Same old story. No more days. Bye. " Will

"I WANT TO DIE!! i Cut And Burn Myself but i don't think i could kill myself because of what it would do to my friends and family.... i just want to die but for no one to care..." Dell"I love everything about your blog. You express your emotions in a very beautiful, deep way. Everything has a sense of desire, love, and hate. You can just feel the pain and sorrow in every post. They are dark, but beautifully amazing. I love them all. You are awesome. Forever human wreckage, Callie." Callie
"I slit my wrist .. When you cause me pain .. I slit the left vain .. You break my heart .. That’s where it starts .. When you pretend To care
Well how do you dare .. It’s just not fair .. So I remain So damn silent See my stain .. It was very violent .. I’m just a shadow .. A part of the past .. A part that could never last .. My trickling blood Is dripping fast .. I hear a thud I just lie and stare .. I cry .. And wonder why .. Why should I be the one to go .." coleen
"It seems that no matter what I do, I can't make him happy at all. He has such a wonderful way with words that every word brings a stinging pain. His insults hurt and yet he loves me so much...Today was suppose to be the perfect day I worked day and night for it to be perfect. I fucked it up...I fucked it up again like I do everyday. Why am I such a screw up? No matter how much I try to make people happy I fuck up their lives. I just wanted to be happy, I just wanted to help. Would my death help them live happier lives? By trying to make others happy I in turn ruined their lives. Im an abomination to this world. There are enough horrible people in this world. No one will miss this one" Natarina"this nigga got yall wanting to kill and starve yall self but i bet you his fat ass aint cutting and starving his self making eveybody who listens to what he says a bunch of asses. YES!!! everbody who listens to this trick ass nigga is an ass hole. Remember that oh and you can email me al thankyou looking forward to what you have to say........."Shakia
"I don't care about life. I'm pretty messed up. I have an amazing girlfriend i love, but I'm still suicidal. i don't know why. I don't do anything to protect myself from death. I cut even though she hates it. I just want to die, but i don't want to hurt her. Isn't death really just what everyone wants? some just keep it secret." Colin"I hate being alone.i have absolutely no one. id rather be dead and not have to suffer." Katie

"i think your honest down to mother fucking earth and you don't sugar coat the truth, i like you!"
Beckayy"hey, its me again. i just wanted to say thank you and sorry to everyone who ever believed in me or cared for me. thats all. thank you" Dom on x's suicide
"WAKAKAKAKAKAKA you damn 9 stoopid right??? Bush Licker WTF!!!! LOL........."
EB on King of Fucking the Ladies"I hate this fucking world, im a fucking hypocrite, i do things that i say im against, every time i love it just falls to pieces, i dont want anything anymore. ive been depressed for a few years. but it seems like forever. ive been in hospital and death. lol. i just ant die, no matter how much i want it, ive hung myself, ssrwoned myself, slits wrists, overdosed, and i still cannot die. im scared of pain but i keep trying, i dont want to try anymore. i want someone to kill me. ill pay ill beg ill do whatever jus as long as they kill me in the end. i need a gun, itll be easier. none of that head bullcrap, but stragith to the heart, cos thats whats missing and hurts. i dont know. just please anyone if you can get me a gun, or find sum1 cold enought to kill me contact me on, im begging you. i need it thanks for listening"Dom on x's suicide"Hey, love your blog. I recently started cutting (maybe like, a week ago) with scissors, but it wouldn't break skin all the way even though i pressed down pretty hard and slid. Then i did it with a pretty sharp knife, and still it wouldn't break skin. It just gets brown (I guess the blood beneath the skin?) , and then gets really red."
wtf am i doing wrong, i feel so stupid" steph on How to Slit Your Wrist the Right Way"OMG no Fen way i really have to follow those steps to become anerxic... thank u so much for the steps they r helpin me cope so well its been quite hard parents nd bf dont understand *sigh* if only they were more like u nd me r u sure i cant die from this i mean it does start eatin away ur organs nd malnutrient has proven to kill ppl nd 20% of girls have died of anerxica STUPID STUPID STUPID. FEN RETARD Y DONT U DO UR RESEARCH ND IF UR AN EXPERT ON THIS Y DO U LOOK FAT IN UR PICS. SOO ur basically sayin that ppl r ugly bc of their fat but ur an exception some expert u.... u r a coward u only say that bc u want to bully ppl into thinkin that they r ugly well guess again ur the ugly one bc of how ur sayin it is ok for someone to b anerxic.o nd if u r anerxic i feel sorry for u learn to eat nd learn that it is a mental disease nd get some help u need it either way. thank u for readin this" Wateverbabs on How to be Anorexic"You are a sick person. I've suffered from this disease of depression and suicidal desires. this is exactly why people think that all this shit is ok. its not. you only get the one life you got and telling people how to take it isnt right. i don't know how you sleep at night getting suicide notes all the time. but from having had those moments and knowing how sick a person is to have that desire to not be here, to take themselves away from those who care about be that selfish in a not alright to promote in anyway. i don't know how you can sleep at night knowing that you are aiding people in killing themselves, and are the encouragement for some in the first place and when you're that low a little bit of that goddam "encouragement" is all a person needs to say..."i'll be outta here in a few days"...i really don't know how you'd be able to sleep at night knowing what you're doing by posting this shit. it's offensive and wrong." Anonymous"i love your site!! X3 i really needed to find new stuff because the saftey pin doesnt do its job anymore. im a wimp when it comes to pain, but i also crave it. ive also decided that suicide is my backup plan to life. if i'm not alive when i'm seventeen you'll know why! thanks again! :D" Rissi on x's suicide"jayson warren.. the boy iv wanted since i was 12... i am now 15 and just been dumped by him. not for the first time either.."Nicola
you. are. awesome. Psymon

Cool shits you have there, I dig ya man. Marcus

nice blog layout...n ur very expressive :D YANz
kinda spooky ur blog theme uhh..haha..serious but i like it.. sixtyoldman o

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"It's stories like this that remind me to appreciate what I have, even when it seems like nothing in life is going right.. it could always be worse. Thank you X, for the awakening. xo" Raivyn on Going Home"please, i want to know how many stories up (you can jump off of) you have to be to reach terminal velocity... won't anyone help me?" jorden laing on the most painless way to commit suicide
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"I wonder where's the REST of your blog entries? A little confusing to navigate through your blog but it would be great to show the rest of your entries. The anorexic post was quite an eyeopener and so are the rest of your suicidal entries." Sixthbane

"Did not want to fuck around with guns and stuff, but now see that Carbon Monx is the way to go! Am going to air proof my garage and get out of here within the next few days. Thanks Again" Glenn Seiler on the most painless way to commit suicide
"Fuck you,you GAY!I hope you get rape by a group of fucking gays!Your fucker!" Evolna
"I have tried with my friend and he can like do it well but this was my first time and stuff. We were on webcam to each other and he was showing me how to do it properly. So I was really scared and stuff but I have finally cut myself for the first time. My scar is pretty cool but I keep on hetting blackouts. By the way I am a girl." Anonymous on How to Slit Your Wrist the Right Way"please stop spreading such destructive material! anorexia has a death toll, and in the name of all the people i love that suffer, have suffered, or have DIED from from this disease, PLEASE SHUT UP" Katharinec on How to be Anorexic
"Oh wheee, i wanna try.. for suicide cuz i'm serious on trying to suicide.. might be fun ya know.. be right backs.. i'll try immediately =)" Suicider on How to Slit Your Wrist the Right Way
"why would you promote something like this when you already have evidence that it may have caused negative consequences? i hope you called that person. suicide is not funny. seriously, what are you thinking?" Katharinec on i am a murderer