Prollydicks: What to do During Election

With all this talk about Election, it is making me itch, even though I am on holiday and I still wanna have my crack on some election pussy. So what is the fuss about this election thing? My view of what election is - a democratic procedure, in which people choose a cock stain who they feel will bullshit them best. After the polls close, the people finally discover who they feel is the best corrupt bullshitter. This bullshitter assumes their elected position, representing the wealthy and corrupt until the next election comes along.

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But one thing I must say that, election is fun, why is it fun? Because you get to do all sort of cool stuff without the need of justifying it. Here’s an example:

Peaceful Protest

Item required: card box for place card or banners, paints, hot chicks, white tee, maxi-pads, boom box, beers

If it is your lifelong dream to always want to start a successful peaceful protest and has got no reason of doing so, this is your time man. Election time is the best time to start a protest, taking it out to the street. People don’t really give a crap on what the heck you are protesting for during the election; newscaster, journalist and reporters will sure hell come and report about it because of all the election hype. So remember to pick a right time if you want to protest, because you sure don’t wanna stage a protest where there aren’t anyone who is coming to watch your gig right? So let me get you started on how to protest, first you need place card and banners. Below are a couple of reusable place card and banners, the design below are not copy righted, go ahead use it for your protest.

Now that you have your place card and banners done, have a couple of beers and it is time to march out to the street and stage your protest. It is encourage putting up meaningful words in your place card and banners. Aggravating the police and bad language are not (but sometimes it helps). Remember, Malaysia is peaceful country, so do your protest peaceful. Here are a couple of songs to help you stage a peaceful protest…something nice and friendly …remember to bring a boom box along and play these songs when you are at it…

If things seems to go wrong and the police decides to bring out their huge ass water cannon to rain down on your parade. No worries have a couple more beer and it is time to bring out the hot girls dressed in white tees. The water cannon shooter will be more like to shoot them than you. If you don’t have any hot girls in your group, just get a couple dozen of maxi-pads and stick it to your body. This way, the maxi pad on your body will absorb all the water that the cannon shoot at you and thus disabling the police’s weapon.

Ok people, need to pack now, heading home tonight, Kthanxbai!!!


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