Thank You but I have to Kill You

First and foremost, would like to say thanks for all those who have accepted my invitation to be guest blogger and to those who had contributed. Really appreciate it, not that I am back. I such resume my work here. So thank you can and as some of you was shouting for “Revoke” with pitch fork and torches. I shall do the honor of revoking every single one of you …fufufufufufu. But I have added a tag for each and every one of your post as blogging friends so next time when you wanna read your post just click on the “Blogging Friends“ label…thank you so much …

There’s a Chinese saying, "Now go wash your August 15th (ass) , and let me revoke your status."


As you all may know that my blog is current under a whole new set of creative bloggers. And I just wanna fucking say I simply love what they all just did. Anyway, being away in Toyko and working nonstop for almost two months I guess it is time for me to go for a little break and spent some time with my family and that means away from my blog for a little while too. So that is why all the sweet and creative writers are here for. I started this blog as a mean of letting everything out let my deepest, silliest, darkest ideas and thoughts and in one simple word “Everything Goes” but it is actually two words but who the fuck cares? Like what I just say everything goes here, to all the contributors I thank you for contributing, and I hope to see more and more creativeness. So go ahead, knock yourself out and make me fucking pick up my fucking jaw from the ground. I have also placed all your links below in hoping that the readers who stopped by maybe able to know about how fucking great your blogs are. (I will continue to update this section when there is a new contributor) There is something definitely about you guys that I can’t explain in a good way. You guys rock…


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pretty good
pretty bad
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