How to be Anorexic

Anorexia is latest trend that is spreading across the world, it originated from Ethiopia. Anorexia is not a fucking disease, but it is a lifestyle. It is something that you should embrace and cherish if you want to be one of the beautiful people. By reading this article, you are on your way on becoming beautiful. So I welcome to the world of the thin and beautiful… that is right I am talking about you FATTY!!!!

How to be an anorexic

Step one
Look at yourself in the mirror fatty and be sick with all the fats and excess meat that is taken over your body. Keep telling yourself you are fat and ugly. Ask your friends, but when they answer that you are not, they are merely telling a white lie just to make you feel better. The fact is you are fat and ugly, and anorexic is the cure to the fucking disease of being fat and ugly.

Step two
Hands off the food Fatty! Fuck up your relationship with Food. Make sure you get sick by the mere mentioned about eating, kitchens, cutlery, refrigerators, restaurants and another that has got to do with food. Eating is for fat people and beautiful people don’t eat. You do wanna be beautiful right?

Step three
Invert pain and punishment on your fat ass for even thinking about food or craving it. The best way is to pluck out some pubic hair every time you think about eating; if you have none, resort to using a rubber band and flick it on your nipples or ear lobe every time you think of food. No pain No gain baby!

Step Four
Hey, you are not just fat but silly, being an anorexic doesn’t mean you don’t eat at all; you do eat but you eat at a minimum. And the only food source of a true anorexic is air. Be sure to acquire the art of preparing, cooking and serving air for all your meals. But don’t overdo it okie? You don’t want air to ruin your diet right?

Master the above steps and you will be on your way on becoming one of the beautiful people. Remember you are fat and ugly, food is evil and every time when I person tells you that you are too thin and you should be eating, that person either mocking you or trying to make you fatter so that she gets all the lime light. Use this picture on the left as your target, happy trying!!!