xniquet's downhill playlist: a virgin's story


Should I or should I not wear protection? Some people do it without any but a handful came back with a sad tale to tell. I don’t want to anything bad to happen on my first time….

Seriously, my helmet makes me look like an idiot. I am so not cut out to wear helmets. Now I should explain something, I’m a mountain biker. I love long, slow climbs and fast roller-coaster single track. But I wasn’t much of a Kamikaze- downhiller. As my personal odometer continues to tick upwards, I’ve become increasingly timid. But something inside me is asking me t grow a pair and suck it in. I paused to double check my helmet before pushing myself off the edge. God, I finally did it, I grew a pair and I hope you help me keep them intact, okay? The dusty and obstacle infested trail weaved into a dizzying line downward. I gripped my handle bar lightly, trying not to ride the brakes. My nerves were on high alert. With each quick turn, my speed increased. Tight turn right, straightaway, another turn, to the left. My knobby tires screamed over the trail. Suddenly I hit a series of rock and tree roots that cause the bike to leave the ground briefly. Without solid grip on the trail, I start to lose control. And I realized I was not going to make it… Lying there dazed, with dried leaves hanging off my shirt. I try to shake it off as I try to stand up. My chest was bruised, as blood streamed down. I decided to click back and continued down the trail. I realized something: I’d wipe out, but my bones were still intact. A little blood, some bruising. But I was Okay and thirsty for more.

- Cool tune to accompany you when you weave thru the bush infested trail.
Van Halen/Human Being
- Eddie’s guitar solo just leaves me in an orgasmic state ..: P
Switchfoot/We are One Tonight
- This song simply just makes you wanna pedal faster when you are going downhill. This is the only nice song that is on their “Nothing is Sound” CD.
Rise Against/Like the Angels
- Just like what the songs says, going downhill at 80kmph, occasionally lifting off the ground, makes you feel like the angels and also not to mention feeling your two balls stuck in your throat.
Breaking Benjamin/Firefly
-I first heard this song when I just completed RAW vs. Smack down on PS2, it was playing while the ending credits came out and I say to myself that this would be great in my Downhill playlist.
Rob Zombie/Demon Speeding
- This is definitely a cool tune to jump off the edge. I just love the guitar solo in the middle. The strings and the heavy guitar riffs complement each other superbly.
Saliva/Your Disease
- This is my downhill anthem. It was featured in the PS2 game “Downhill Domination” which I have wasted hours or maybe days trying to unlock special characters which wasn’t that good anyway.
Korn/Got a Life
- One of my favorites by Korn. Fieldy’s (bassist) bass slapping is phenomenal. Korn is out with a new MTV unplugged CD, I am dying to hear their unplugged version of this song.
Metallica/Ain’t my Bitch
- Yeah, you gotta tell ’em trees “you ain’t my bitch!” So stay out of the way. One thing you really don’t want is to kiss a tree when you are speeding downhill.
Rammstein/Feuer Frei
- Tanz Metal Band - Rammstein best songs for speeding. Even though I don’t know what this song is about.
Slipknot/My Plague
- This song is mega/ultra heavy in drums and guitar riffs which makes it perfect.
Marilyn Manson/ Astonishing Panorama of the End Times
- Not Manson’s finest song but it is definitely one of the heaviest. Downhill is a violent sport and that is why this song is promoting violence. “Violence is for the people, they always eat the hands that feed.”
Rage against the Machine/Guerilla Radio
- I just love the funky guitar riff and the chorus….” Lights Out, Guerilla Radio, TURN THE SHIT UP”

Downhill discipline means high speed – which forces you to use precision control and resolute confidence to navigate among dangerous obstacle while making splint-second decisions. A Kamikaze- downhiller trains his mind and body for peak performance under pressure, whether you’re a corporate officer or a “Beach Bum” just like me.

Here’s a series of pictures of one my exhilarating downhill trips at Taman Pertanian.

Protection always comes first, a good wireless bike computer and a heart rate monitor comes in very handy.


I had to get the vendor who sold me the bike carrier to modify it just to fit on my sedan. What to do? I don’t want to waste my money on a Thule which cost 5 times more.


This is the uneven and winding trail down.


And the trail is full of surprises, bad surprises which must cause you your wheels.


A little souvenir that I brought back from my previous downhilling.


It is important to wear your helmet even if you are taking a sissy cross country ride on your bike. Because you will never know what will happened. Look at me; I even wear a helmet at home.


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