xniquet's sleep playlist: insomnia

Here’s a list of songs to help you sleep better at night. It helps you to get in the mood of sleeping and dreaming. But if you are already god damn tire, who needs a list of songs to snore away?

The Smashing Pumpkins/Farewell and Goodnight
This has got to be my favorite lullaby, Billy, James and D’arcy sings in it; beautiful acoustic number.
Andrew Lloyd Webber/Everything's Alright
If you have seen Jesus Christ Superstar, you will know that this is the song that Mary sang to Jesus as a lullaby.
Norah Jones/Rosie's Lullaby
Taken from Norah Jones’ latest album Not Too Late; it’s a sweet and slow number, perfect for going to bed.
Creed’s last song on their last album “weathered”; another acoustic number with a beautiful sound of the classical guitar. “
Damien Rice/ Cold Water
This is really a comatose song; it will really put you to sleep in no time. But if you are a comatose type of song lover, you might be taken by it and feel more awake.

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xniquet's sleep playlist

Like I said I have become somewhat of a vampire of late. Check out my sleeping hours:
Sleeping time last 5 days:

Suffering from insomnia isn’t a good thing. When you can’t sleep, you mind just keeps on working … your mind will be filled with 1,001 thoughts as you try to sleep and most of them are bad ones. It just keeps running through your head and it keeps reminding you how shitty you feel. It makes your heart beat elevate, sometimes makes you feel like you can’t breathe, makes you feel depress and shitty. If insomnia is Big Mac in a McValue meal, moodiness is the fries and depression is the coke.

Insomnia is the perception of poor-quality sleep. Individuals with insomnia may have trouble falling asleep, maintaining sleep or waking up too early. Frequently, individuals may wake up feeling un-refreshed or drowsy. In more severe cases, they may feel depressed, anxious or irritable because of a lack of high-quality sleep. Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder. It varies from restless sleep to, more rarely, complete wakefulness.

3 types of insomnia:
Transient insomnia may last from one night to a few weeks.
Intermittent insomnia if you experience Transient insomnia every so often.
Chronic insomnia lasts a month or more.


Transient and Intermittent insomnia are usually caused by emotional distress. Internalized anger and anxiety are the most common reasons for insomnia. Depression may also trigger some forms of insomnia, such as waking too early. Behavioral factors can also lead to insomnia. Overusing caffeine, alcohol or other substances, excessive napping, smoking before bedtime, chronic stress or disrupted sleep/wake cycles can produce sleepless nights. Environmental factors -- such as noise, extreme temperatures, environmental changes or jet lag -- can lead to transient and intermittent insomnia. Studies have found that 50% of menstruating women reported bloating that disturbed their sleep for two to three days each cycle. Rising progesterone levels may cause some women to feel tired or fatigued, usually at the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

Chronic insomnia, by contrast, is usually caused by depression. Physical ailments, such as kidney disease, heart failure, asthma, arthritis, Parkinson's disease or hyperthyroidism, may work with emotional factors to produce chronic insomnia. Other sleep disorders may also lead to chronic insomnia, including sleep apnea, narcolepsy and restless legs syndrome.

Hard Fact I learned:
TV-watching may worsen the insomnia. All the while I thought watching boring movies or shows will put you to put better ......how wrong was I, it makes your sleep even worst, you may fall asleep but you won't get a good quality sleep that is for sure.

Relaxation therapy can relax your body and mind and stressed out muscles. There are several ways of using the therapy but they all center on non-directed relaxation. A patient would concentrate on a repeated word, sounds or muscle movements. By not blocking out other thoughts or feelings, the focus is on relaxing through accepting the thought or feeling.

Herbs - Chamomile: This soothing and calming tea is used in Europe and the U.S. to invite rest. I was talking about this to my Angel about this tea. I am still searching for it.

"Chamomile tea is the most popularly consumed herbal tea in the world and appears in countless herbal formulas in many herbal traditions. It has a long history of traditional use dating back to the ancient Egyptians. Chamomile flower tea has been used by so many diverse populations and for so many thousands of years because of its smooth, apple-like taste and because it offers relaxing benefits to both the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract."

woawoa on Insomnia
11:00pm “it’s nice a cozy, what the hell is the problem with people and insomnia”

11:01pm “I am feeling really drowsy…”

11:03pm “I am asleep zzzzzzzzz…”





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